Thursday, March 10, 2016

5.2 Richters Strikes Vanuatu! TWO Shakers Strike Near San Francisco Bay!!! Brand New Prediction Due Very Soon!!!

Maybe it has something to do with the New Moon Window that has just came to an end just moments ago, can't say for sure right this moment as all of these big earthquakes are coming in! But there are sure a lot of them as of late Wednesday/Early Thursday and they'll probably keep right on coming in and I will update at the earliest convenience if and when that happens!

That 5.2 was 100 miles south of Port Vila, Vanuatu or the capital there and almost the exact spot we're sort of watching for because we can't of course always say for sure that something will strike there just because there's that straight line running through it you know! So keep watching Vanuatu just the same because it's looking like it should be something major when it does shake!

As for those two shakers of 3.0 and 2.5 Richters that struck it looks like about maybe 20 miles from San Francisco Bay and possibly even closer yet to Hayward, California at Livermore. . . I have a felt report from one of them right here:

Livermore, CA 94551 United States of America..8.....14 km
Livermore, CA 94550 United States of America.88.....15 km
Dublin, CA 94568 United States of America.....1.....21 km
San Jose, CA 95132 United States of America...1.....30 km
Oakley, CA 94561 United States of America.....1.....41 km

Looking at the other one right now I can tell you the above one must be from that 2.5 because the other one which is not currently posted at Earthquake Central has as many as 69 and 171 felt reports from those same two zip codes as above for Livermore. I should correct this and add right now that it looks like the 2.5 was on Tuesday and that the list below contains all the earthquakes in just that tiny region around San Francisco Bay mostly so that I could check and see all of them and if there was any pattern forming, here's the list:

3.0 9km ESE of Livermore, California 2016-03-09 21:38:41
1.8 6km E of Fremont, California 2016-03-09 11:12:21
2.5 8km ESE of Livermore, California 2016-03-08 14:24:56
2.5 5km W of Eldridge, California 2016-03-08 11:18:10
1.8 0km E of San Ramon, California 2016-03-06 09:55:27
1.5 1km E of San Ramon, California 2016-03-04 16:00:29
1.3 11km NW of Daly City, California 2016-03-04 11:37:22

The 3.0 was also felt in Milpitis, Oakland, San Francisco and as far as Eureka!!! You can see all of the times on the above list and that "Eldridge" shaker was up around Napa as I reported in yesterdays EQ Blog.

Until all the shaking started in Livermore, this here earthquake was going to be the big news! Now I'll just say it is a 5.0 very near where we've been watching around Bogota, Columbia!

5.0 - 15km N of Aratoca, Colombia
2016-03-09 00:27am Central Time
Nearby Cities
9 Miles N of Aratoca, Colombia
16 Miles SSE of Floridablanca, Colombia
169 Miles NNE of Bogota, Colombia

That's now two that have struck in that region that I have been describing as either Bogota or Quito depending on what time you heard it because they are both just a few maybe hundred miles apart there in that Ecuador/Columbia Region. I'm planning on having maybe my next Great "Prediction" regarding just that specific Major Earthquake that is surely coming!!! Have that very soon and possibly on Fridays next upcoming exciting edition. . . of "Earthquake Minute"!!! Stay Tuned for that!!! EQ Guy

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