Friday, March 18, 2016

Keep Watching California!!! Also Western Canada For Foreshocks, Too!!! ALSO: 4.7 Richters Jesus Carranza, Mexico and 5.0 Indonesia Just West of Jakarta, Again!!!

Continuing yesterdays discussion about the movement of the Indio Tectonic Plate, it was partly all about the fact that one of the straight lines from landfall of Cyclone Winston at Fiji headed directly for the Jakarta Region and very near the epicenter of the 2004 Earthquake there. Now I have to report that in addition to that big 7.8 there a week or so ago I today have this one that LOOKS like the identical epicenter:

5.0 - 140km SSW of Kotaagung, Indonesia
Time: 2016-03-17 08:03am Central Time

Nearby Cities
87 Miles SSW of Kotaagung, Indonesia
114 Miles SW of Bandarlampung, Indonesia
186 Miles W of Jakarta, Indonesia

So, it could just be a continuing ongoing thing, but in all events it is one of the key areas where we might expect something big to happen! I mean right there along the straight line with that line going directly through there. . . in addition to the fact that was where the 7.8 was!!! This would be a place where we might have long ago let this big earthquake go and NOT so much as wondered if it will or could be followed by another one OR a bigger one! This time we more or less know for certain it could!!! So keep watching Indonesia especially with the Full Moon Window coming on strong mid-week!

Looking at this next one here on first sight it told me we should start watching like that whole entire region for the as big as 7.8 Richters Earthquake there:

4.7 - 26km ESE of Jesus Carranza, Mexico, Time: 2016-03-17 06:37am Central Time,
Nearby Cities, 16 Miles ESE of Jesus Carranza, Mexico, 318 Miles ESE of Mexico City, Mexico

Although keep in mind that I had also mentioned it somewhere along the way that we're talking about the original having been a 7.8 and that the usual opposite side of the Pacific isn't generally going to be exactly the same magnitude. Rather I might ponder the fact of going instead with a smaller one such as say 7.5 or even 7.3 that is as far as trying to nail down an EXACT Prediction of the magnitude especially for the upcoming Riobamba, Ecuador Earthquake that I'm expecting between Full Moon this week. . .and New Moon April 7 and nevermind all the exact predicting stuff for a moment because the fact of the matter is this Major Earthquake is headed directly for our side of the Pacific!!! Keep watching Queen Charlotte and Vancouver Islands, but California and West Coast too because there may not always be foreshocks at West Canada if you know what I mean!!! EQ Guy

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