Tuesday, March 8, 2016

5.8 Richters Strikes About 400 Miles East of Fiji Near American Samoa!!! Watch New Moon Keep Shaking There!!!

Probably should not just say "There" in the headline because although it's certainly a place where shaking might have been expected, there's also still a lot of other places that we are watching, too! The New Moon Window Started at around 6pm Pacific Time on Monday Night, and runs untill Wednesday March 9, 2016 at about the same time, or 6pm Pacific Time. BUT, we will really want to be watching around that time on Tuesday Night along with the Primary will be the EXACT MOMENT of the New Moon and we're sure watching for something Major to shake!!!

Here's this weeks 7.9 Richters Indonesia "Earthquake Minute" CLICK Arrow:
You can WATCH At YouTube@ https://youtu.be/bgr0ECT9sXM The Transcript is @ http://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2016/03/79-richters-indonesia-earthquake-minute.html

OK, so I'll try to run just one more of these and see if it gets too complicated! Following is a brand-new version especially for the purpose of catching my California listeners up on how the shaking with the New Moon works! Been doing an occasional "Pacifica EQ Minute" but up to this point all due to those big alerts for California and so today thought they MIGHT also like to know about all that shaking we're expecting in those Pacific Islands!!! Soooooom, let's try this here SOUNDCLOUD version of that new one sent late yesterday and remember this is a RADIO VERSION!!! So NO Video!!! Thank-You For Listening, too!!! CLICK Arrow:

Keep in mind that American Samoa where they just got that 5.8 at 24 minutes before Midnight my time or Central Time and they are located just off to the east. . . maybe just East Northeast there in the opposite direction that Cyclone Winston was traveling and keep watching out there in that same direction BEYOND such as Quito, Ecuador where we could probably now say they're due at least for a 5.8 but still think 7 or 8 Richters just to be safe!!! EQ Guy

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