Thursday, March 17, 2016

5.0 Richters Strikes Near Macquarie Island Where Big Foreshock of 2004 Sumatra Earthquake Struck!!!

Might have held todays EQ Blog until later on. . . and waited for something a little bit more than what I have here right this moment, but on second thought there is this ONE story that a lot of my newer followers and readers possibly have not heard so here goes. It could have escaped notice along with all the other earthquakes we presently seem to be getting down along the southern tips of both South America and Africa but now a 5.0 to the south of Australia at Macquarie Island!

5.0 - West of Macquarie Island, Time: 2016-03-16 04:13am Central Daylight Time

Nearby Cities
491 Miles WSW of Macquarie Island, Australia
880 Miles S of Kingston, Australia

Now I can assume most of you know the date of that big Sumatra Earthquake/Tsunami was December 26, 2004 and here's the one that struck just ahead of it a few hours at Macquarie Island:

Magnitude: 8.1
Date-Time: Friday, December 24, 2004 at 1:59:04 AM = local time at epicenter
260 Miles West of Auckland Island, New Zealand
305 Miles North of Macquarie Island, Australia
940 Miles SW of WELLINGTON, New Zealand
1170 Miles SSE of CANBERRA, A.C.T., Australia

There's a few hours difference between the time I gave above, and the time posted on that official listing that I cut and pasted here. Listing says the 8.1 was December 24 local time so it might have been later on as far as Central or Pacific Time is concerned, but in all events it was time enough for me to write up a BIG ALERT! Therein saying such a movement of that tectonic plate means HUGE EARTHQUAKE!!! And the now Great Sumatra Earthquake actually struck around 8pm Central Time the next day or late on Christmas Day USA Time.

For now everybody should know all those earthquakes are pointing towards whatever direction that upcoming major one is going to be happening! Next, I think we'll go with one more chance to view this weeks One-Year Anniversary Celebration of "Earthquake Minute" with that Brand-New Prediction!!!!! Please Give it a view Now @ CLICK Arrow: You May View This Weeks Show at YouTube @ TRANSCRIPT For This Weeks Show is @

Having had some time to think it over, this was a 5.0 and so by that we might at best know there is significant movement of that tectonic plate, there, although it isn't anywhere near the movement prior to that Sumatra Earthquake. . . the earthquake we're watching for shouldn't be anywhere as big as the Sumatra Earthquake was, either! Still waiting on something up around Queen Charlotte and Vancouver Islands to tell us there could be more coming for California so keep watching there for that! As well as Riobamba, Ecuador!!! EQ Guy

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