Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3.2 Huntington Beach Earthquake could be that BIG Swarm of Earthquakes from Hawthorne, Nevada now MIGRATING!! Some Major Earthquake Shaking Remains, Keep Watching!!!

This could be that BIG Earthquake Swarm from Hawthorne, Nevada now MIGRATING!!! 3.2 Richters One mile South of Huntington Beach early Monday! Felt Report Now UPDATED at Earthquake Central@ http://eqalert.blogspot.com/2016/03/31-richters-strikes-near-huntington.html Although in a related story that swarm now seems to be ending at Hawthorne, more later in this blog.

This one came in at the exact moment yesterdays EQ Blog was going to press! Phone was actually situated directly in front of me at the computer and shrieked right at that moment!!!

5.2 - 115km W of Rabaul, Papua New Guinea

2016-03-27 22:57pm Central Time

Nearby Cities
127km (79mi) W of Kokopo, Papua New Guinea
727km (452mi) NE of Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

There was also a 3.6 Richters Earthquake that struck right exactly in the MIDDLE of the island of Jamaica!!! Just appeared to be kind of unusual and looked like not too many miles from Kingston! I'll have more about that like tomorrow and keep watching there because in a distant way. . . it's ALSO along that straight line albeit distant beyond where I'm watching!!! Now somewhat popular, Here's This Weeks 9 For 9 "Earthquake Minute" CLICK Arrow: NOW View 9 For 9 "Earthquake Minute" At YouTube@ https://youtu.be/2ggFshDVrX4 SEE The Transcript 9 For 9 at EQ Blog-3@ http://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2016/03/9-for-9-earthquake-minute-of-3-25-2016.html

This pic illustrates or should try and help to illustrate how the direction Big Cyclone Winston crossed Fiji, Check It Out!!!
IF this here caption works right may I say that is DUE WEST across that region and thus given the points that I'm most concerned for being Jakarta west, and Columbia/Ecuador East. You might also be interested to notice that in the very worst of these, the huge windstorm SHOULD lose a lot of strength due to all that wind becoming or generating a whole lot of "Earthquake Energy" when it contacts the islands there with the result being the movement we watch for! Not sure how much wind was lost on this one, but there may be one more pic in the series needed to make that determination.

Finally a small 2.4 up near Vandenburg and Lompoc, California as well as there was also a small Haiti Earthquake on Monday. There also seems to be some migrating of the Hawthorne, Nevada Earthquakes which by the way are currently finally stopping. . . moving towards Mammoth Lakes and a place called Dixie Canyon, Nevada. However this Vandenburg, OR that Haiti or Jamaica Epicenter could also turn into something very easily! Keep Watching to see what will happen because I think we know something MAJOR remains!!! EQ Guy

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