Monday, March 28, 2016

Big Earthquakes In Alaska And Mexico!!! The Pacific Tectonic Plate Might Be Turning!!! Looks Like Hawthorne, Nevada Is Still Shaking!!! UPDATE: 3.1 Huntington Beach!!!

Update: 3.1 Richters Struck One mile South of Huntington Beach early Monday! Felt Report Now at Earthquake Central@ Now Todays EQ Blog:

This one here came to my phone on at least one occasion and much later in the day I received yet another 5.7 Nikolski, Alaska!!! Being very sure it was now TWO and that I knew for sure I would have a story to open todays EQ Blog with I immediately came home to check all the details and see exactly how serious this now apparently shaking, shaking, shaking was going to be. . . when by all accounts of my investigation it now appears to have been just this here following one although as of yet, I haven't determined what the one that came to my phone two hours after this one was all about:

5.7 - 84km S of Nikolski, Alaska

2016-03-27 13:01pm Central Time

Nearby Cities
944 Miles WSW of Anchorage, Alaska
964 Miles WSW of Knik-Fairview, Alaska
997 Miles SE of Anadyr', Russia
1399 Miles W of Whitehorse, Canada

Take a look at the entire list that comes up from that region and see if you see two of the 5.7's:

3.3 85km SSE of Nikolski, Alaska 2016-03-27 15:40:42
4.1 71km S of Nikolski, Alaska 2016-03-27 14:44:35
4.7 70km S of Nikolski, Alaska 2016-03-27 13:27:27
3.4 96km SSE of Nikolski, Alaska 2016-03-27 13:21:43
4.5 80km S of Nikolski, Alaska 2016-03-27 13:14:00
5.7 84km S of Nikolski, Alaska 2016-03-27 13:01:30

Movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate continues! This next one at Mexico just across the border from Southern California is a rather big shaker and could be the one we've been watching for to indicate we might need to now watch California! Although a bigger shaker there would indicate more to come. . . 4.4 still says watch California, Los Angeles, and Frisco for upwards of 5 Richters because it does seem to be a fact the Pacific is turning!!! Here's that Mexico Earthquake with so far no felt reports to speak of right now. I'll have to update as soon as something comes in.

4.4 - 92km SE of San Felipe, Mexico
2016-03-27 09:33am Central Time

Nearby Cities
57 Miles SE of San Felipe, Mexico
78 Miles SSW of Puerto Penasco, Mexico
247 Miles SSW of Phoenix, Arizona

That distance from Phoenix measures just that far south of the border there and practically right in the middle of the Gulf there. Now, Here's This Weeks 9 For 9 "Earthquake Minute" CLICK Arrow: NOW View 9 For 9 "Earthquake Minute" At YouTube@ SEE The Transcript 9 For 9 at EQ Blog-3@

Updating all that, there have now been 4.7 and 4.8 added to Mexico! Here's the list and so far one felt report from all this shaking came in from San Diego!!!

4.7 108km SE of San Felipe, Mexico 2016-03-27 19:12:55
4.8 111km SSE of San Felipe, Mexico 2016-03-27 19:03:40
4.4 92km SE of San Felipe, Mexico 2016-03-27 09:33:42

Hard to believe Hawthorne, Nevada is still shaking and now over 610 Small Earthquakes there and the map is still very much FULL of small earthquakes with todays being Day 7 or the day this swarm originally started last week! So I just went back and double-checked my math and sure enough this big one: 4.3 23km ESE of Hawthorne, Nevada 2016-03-21 02:37am Central Time. . . will be BEYOND 7 days ago by the time most of you read this and DROPPED OFF from the USGS list although will stay on the Earthquake Central version but just the same this swarm IS now on 7 days and counting!!! I'll update you later on where this will migrate to next or whatever happens there! Here's the complete list updated early Monday@ THERE is also a Facebook story/comment regarding this matter, but was not able to figure out a way to transfer it to my EQ Blog!

Alaska is shaking, shaking, shaking. . . Hawthorne, Nevada is shaking, shaking, shaking. . . and now they're getting lots of shaking in Mexico!!! No question California is right there in the middle and could be the next place to get somewhere in the area of Alaska's 5.7 and Mexico's 4.7 and 4.8 Richters!!! Be Watching!!! EQ Guy

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