Wednesday, April 8, 2015

3.5 Richters Strikes West of Reno, Nevada Near Incline Village!!! Keep Watching California,Too!!!

There have so far been 28 aftershocks to the 3.5 Richters Earthquake near Incline Village, Nevada and 78 felt reports from Truckee, California, 29 from Reno, 5 from Incline Village and 1 from Sacramento with a lot of that having to do with the various sizes of them communities the larger having more felt reports of course. Here is the Felt Report from 3.5 Near Reno and Incline Village, Nevada:

Now This Weeks EQ Video Log about those earthquakes at Christchurch, New Zealand and the Los Angeles Earthquake Series as Full Moon/Blood Moon was overhead, CLICK Arrow:
Here's a direct link to this weeks EQ Video Log at YouTube:

There was also a 4.4 at Port Orly, Vanuatu to the north of Port Villa and a sign that this movement of the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate is continuing which of course we all already know from all the other movements going on around the tectonic plates over in that region. A sure indication New Zealand will be shaking more, yet!!! The latest there being a 3.5 Richters on Wed, Apr 8 2015, 2:36pm NZST. Be Watching!!! EQ Guy

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