Saturday, April 25, 2015

UPDATE: 7.9 Richters Strikes 45 Miles Northwest of Kathmandu, Nepal, ALSO: Earthquakes At New Zealand Keep on Getting Bigger, And Bigger, And Bigger!!!? WATCH For More!!! Just Added LIST of ALL Kathmandu With Aftershocks:

UPDATE: I will have more about this as Early Saturday gets here, but just moments after todays EQ Blog was posted at around 1:45am Central a 7.9 Richters Near Kathmandu, Nepal was registered at USGS as of like 1:11am my time!!! At just 45 miles Northwest of Kathmandu it could possibly be a large scale humanitarian disaster with great damage! Update coming on early Saturday! Here's Update!!! LIST of 7.9 PLUS All Aftershocks,now at Earthquake Central: God Bless!!! NOW Todays EQ Blog:

Saturday will now be Day 43 after landfall of Super Cyclone Pam at Vanuatu! With all the action currently going on out at New Zealand, it surely looks like we might need to be watching all the way through the natural end of this alert or possibly even into next weekends New Moon Window which just so happen to fall on Day 50 and 51. . . not really all that far out of the way for as Massive of a potential earthquake as it appears we may be now looking at!!! Hurricane Bret-Hector Mine Earthquake of 1999 is one Great example of that and Great Sumatra is a Great example of one that struck DURING the Full or New Moon, too!!!

Keep Watching New Zealand, too, because it now looks like they started this all out by shaking, shaking, shaking at around the 2 and 3 Richters Range. . . then came 4 Richters and they shook, shook, shook at around the 4 Richters Range, and then 5!!! NOW, this latest earthquake was 6.4 and New Zealand DOES get earthquakes in the 7 Richters Range, too!!! So, is 7 Richters next? What about 8 if they do go to 7? Looks like we better keep watching there because it is possibly NOT the end of the shaking in New Zealand!

Massive Earthquake-Tsunami Event could still happen, too, because New Zealand at best indicates there is still a whole lot of movement of that Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate going on! And Banda Aceh, Sichuan China, and Japan are just a few of the places where the big 8.6 that followed in 2005 could follow again now in 2015!!! And Northern California, then Western Canada. . . probably means that big Alaska Earthquake will follow that movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate, too!!! Be watching all through this weekend!!! EQ Guy

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