Saturday, April 11, 2015

4.9 Richters Offshore Northern California!!! Felt Report Is In!!!

Although I did not quite figure out the answer to why there are so many places situated in between the epicenter and cities such as Colfax and Sparks? Does seem like it should also have at least SOME felt reports from the likes of Santa Rosa, Oakland, Hayward, Sevastapol, or Sacremento??? A reader asked me if it had anything to do with the "Plate Tectonics" of the region and I agreed. . . it could be a gap in fault lines up in that Colfax/Sparks/Reno Region that is causing even more shaking than areas situated in between there. Here's that felt report and it might not need any additional updating since it's now been many hours since the earthquake:

Arcata, CA 95521 United States of America...........1...186
Whitethorn, CA 95589 United States of America....1...189
Crescent City, CA 95531 United States of America.1...236
Gualala, CA 95445 United States of America..........1...292
Woodland, CA 95695 United States of America......1...416
Colfax, CA 95713 United States of America...........1...471
Sparks, NV 89436 United States of America..........1...557

Here is the updated list of all the latest earthquakes at New Zealand as of todays EQ Blog@ There has also been a small 2.4 that struck on like Saturday Afternoon New Zealand time obviously, but I'll wait for more bigger ones to fully update. Here's that 2.4: NZST Sat, Apr 11 2015, 8:52am, Magnitude 2.4 Location 5 km south-west of Gisborne

Until Monday, I'll be very busy preparing for my upcoming "Les Lusters Rockshow" on Monday Night at 7pm Central Time!!! Lots of work on that project including some "Practice DJ" work tonight after work trying out some new songs on different equipment and seeing what will work best and of course I continue to dig through the "Vinyl Library" there and on Friday found some more songs I'll probably use including a 3-Record Set called "Wings Over America"!!! Here's that postcard once again:
So, I will be very busy over the next several days including running out and buying me some CD's because that system seems to work best over many other choices that are not exactly "Broadcast Quality" such as the I-Pod which failed in testing on Friday and so I'll have to skip that on the night of my show, Monday Night at 7 Central. Until then, or whenever I am post my next update which should be sometime Monday to update you on everything. . .here's wishing everybody a Great Weekend and be watching for earthquakes!!! EQ Guy

Here's this weeks EQ Video Log about L.A. Full Moon/Blood Moon Earthquake Series and Christchurch, New Zealand Shaking at YouTube:

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