Thursday, April 30, 2015

How Big Tsunami Could Strike New York, Boston, or Washington DC? Could Happen During May 2015 Full Moon!!!!! JUST IN: 3.4 Richters South of Los Angeles!!!

UPDATE: JUST IN, a 3.4 Richters Struck South of Los Angeles Near Compton at Carson, California! Felt Report is at Earthquake Central@ ALSO: As of 5:45am Central Time, there was a 6.7 Richters Earthquake in that previous tsunami region of Papua New Guinea, although this one does not seem to have generated enough tsunami for a big alert. Also one more small earthquake at New Hampshire early today a 2.1 there! So it IS Moving around the Atlantic!!!!! NOW Todays EQ Blog:

I want to start todays EQ Blog with a video by a Nepal Person who just subscribed to me on my "EQ YouTube"! First video is a look at life and people there long before earthquake and then the guys band, CLICK Arrow:
AND This Next Link is not the same vid, this one is a Nepal Rock Band with an old man playing "Joe Walsh" type of a "Mouth Organ" at the end of it!!! Check It Out and please help Nepal by booking these guys at your local gigs!!! @ THANK-YOU For sending those along to me, Nepal people!!! Great Videos!!!!! And Again, Very Sorry For all your loss!!!

Up to this point lots of views on Kathmandu Earthquake and all the aftershocks. Right at the moment they're still getting them but very mysteriously Indonesia IS NOT??? Here's Updated list for Kathmandu:

Looks like something big could be about ready to shake and I suppose it's possible our East Coast USA could be one of the places where next big Earthquake-Tsunami Event will happen. . . just a matter of how big of a tsunami will strike New York, Boston, and/or Washington DC, or maybe as far south as Florida!? So far now a 2.3 New Hampshire Earthquake, tons of Hawaii shakers and just today lots of unexplained shaking East of San Francisco!!! You can see all of those lists at Earthquake Central at or just todays East of San Francisco List@

Timetable is in for upcoming Major Alaska Earthquake and that should strike on Monday May 4th, or Tuesday May 5th if it doesn't strike during upcoming Full Moon Window this weekend. On April 22 the lava at Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano started to fill a lake there and as of this writing was at the rim there and looks like it will be overflowing soon! Along with the unreal amount of Earthquake Energy they are getting there. . . now the earthquakes are up to THREE Magnitude from one and two up to this point. Will 4 and 5 be next, or Major Eruption? Just another one of the things that seem to indicate a Major Earthquake-Tsunami Event is just hours away and probably means tectonic plate movement and not one that will strike Hawaii hopefully. However probably DOES indicate Pacific Tectonic Plate is turning and lots more Major Earthquakes before all of this event is over!!! EQ Guy

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