Wednesday, April 15, 2015

BIG List of Earthquakes At New Zealand on Tuesday!!! PLUS: Got My Taxes Done!!! Sending Them In Today!!!

You can probably clearly see the date at the top of the page. . . and it probably says APRIL, 15, so I had to put just about everything else aside for a few hours yesterday and spend some time with my good old fashioned Form-1040 Instruction Booklet that they no longer send to me nor do they have them at any of the local libraries anymore either. No, instead I had to start that procedure off long, long ago by finding the place where one NOW has to go to ORDER such a booklet!!! Wasn't bad enough that they didn't mail me one, didn't have one at any of the libraries, and that I had to order one, but THEN it honestly had to take the full 15 or so days that they said it might take.

It was all worth it on Tuesday because the sun was shining, it was 71 degrees, and I too a bag of potato chips and a bottle of water out to a local county park and got-er-done in about an hour or so! Yes, both my Federals where I now owe 78 Dollars, and my State where unless I messed something up really bad, I have 98 Dollars COMING BACK!!!!! Stay tuned there to find out who's right and if I get to KEEP that "Refund"!!!

HUGE List of Earthquakes that ALL Struck New Zealand on Tuesday!!! All of these times are given in local New Zealand Time and notice they are now going as high as the 4.6 there:
Tue, Apr 14 2015, 11:30pm, Magnitude, 3.1
Tue, Apr 14 2015, 5:47pm, Magnitude, 3.7
Tue, Apr 14 2015, 3:28pm, Magnitude, 2.8
Tue, Apr 14 2015, 3:03pm, Magnitude 2.7
Tue, Apr 14 2015, 12:47pm, Magnitude 3.2
Tue, Apr 14 2015, 12:30pm, Magnitude 2.3
Tue, Apr 14 2015, 12:24pm, Magnitude 4.6
Tue, Apr 14 2015, 11:05am, Magnitude 4.2

The theory there is when they start getting bigger like that one it could be time for a Major Earthquake to strike! Just from having been watching these in recent days, this strikes me as a lot of earthquakes, too!!! New Moon will be Saturday and New Moon Window will start on Friday. California, New Zealand, China, Sumatra, and/or Japan!!!? EQ Guy

SEE This Weeks EQ Video Log All About New Zealand Shaking at YouTube:

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