Sunday, April 26, 2015

Kathmandu Earthquake Now Upgraded To a 7.9!!! Then, Downgraded To a 7.8!!! VERY BAD No Matter WHAT Magnitude!!! UPDATE: 6.7 Richters 42 Miles East of Kathmandu!

UPDATE; I should note that the aftershocks are NOT all striking at or near the same original Epicenter and that this particular 6.7 as well as some of the others are striking regions and towns that might have been previously untouched!!! In the case of this 6.7 that struck at 2:09am Central Time it is actually like EAST of Kathmandu while original 7.8 was WEST. There are also many new towns and cities in that region which could now be affected, plus this 6.7 might have only been like 75 miles from Mount Everest while that original was probably over a hundred miles west of there. Of course we also must watch that region and know that more earthquakes can and will happen there! NOW Todays EQ Blog, God Bless:

I suppose we can start out todays EQ Blog with this Great Vid that I located in a search for Nepal. . . because I already knew we'd been discussing Nepal along the way! You can check out me talking about it and illustrating their position around that tectonic plate at 3 Minutes, 5 Seconds, CLICK Arrow: THOSE References to Nepal were mostly as the result of several earthquakes you might recall having struck up in that immediate region in early April: Example March 31, "We will also need to start watching closely Banda Aceh, Indonesia, Sichuan, China, Nepal, and Japan for some serious Major Earthquake Events!!!" AND APRIL 4: "
Keep watching especially New Zealand for more from that 7.7 Richters movement early this week as well as up around Nepal and Banda Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia" THERE Are more, but I'll look them up and post them in future EQ Blogs due to this blog now going to press!

Among the things that have happened as the result of 7.9 Kathmandu Earthquake besides being downgraded to 7.8 while China is listing it at 8.0 is the HUGE list of all the aftershocks!!! HERE is the LIST Of 7.9 Kathmandu and ALL Aftershocks Now Updated At Earthquake Central:

It also appears there was somewhat of a foreshock since there was a Nepal Earthquake discussed right here in Wednesdays EQ Blog this week and AND Here is the Felt Report-Abreviated:

Now we can virtually COUNT ON the movement of the Indio/Aust. Tectonic Plate continuing and there will be the possibility of New Zealand moving MORE, yet, with more Massive Earthquake Potential. I'm also looking very seriously at Japan, Taiwan, Banda-Aceh, Phuket, and the Andaman, Nicobar, and Nias Islands Regions because it is possible that far eastern edge of this tectonic plate will PUSH over into that neighborhood and there is definitely still the "Earthquake Energy" enough for Major Earthquake-Tsunami of GREAT Proportions!!! This series of HUGE Earthquakes is NOT Finished. . . there WILL BE MORE!!! Probably should note San Francisco, Los Angeles, California, and West Coast are situated in this theater, too!!! God-Bless All in its path!!! EQ Guy

FOR Lots More EQ Info, See My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ And Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

[Disclaimer: i am only an old "Junkyard" guy who started out working on cars, then buildings, then Carpenters Union and worked in Los Angeles and was in a lot of earthquakes and started writing about them. i'm not formally trained but learned all this through studies and accepted routes of research. everything is basically just my own opinion here. just happen to be right a lot.]

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