Saturday, April 18, 2015


We could be looking at the next biggest Earthquake-Tsunami Event any minute now! Tuesday, April 21 will be Day 39 after the landfall of Super Typhoon Pam and Day 39 was the day after the landfall of Tropical Cyclone Yasi that the Great Japan Earthquake-Tsunami struck.

The April New Moon this weekend could also be a factor. It will cover a couple of the days in between that are probably also correlations with big earthquakes but albeit without names such as when Day 43 arrives and was also the day of the Great Islamabad Earthquake. Since originally writing this entry earlier, I also came up with the names of two more! Landfall of Hurricane Sandy preceded Offshore San Diego by like 42 days, and landfall of Hurricane Bret near Brownsville, Texas preceded the now great Hector Mines/Los Angeles Earthquake by about 42 days, too! Both fall next Friday. . . but all totaled equal one HUGE Major Earthquake is coming!!!

So, there will be a lot going on this weekend and it looks like it might just be a "Pseudo-Scientific Fact" that there probably is a Major Earthquake, or MASSIVE Earthquake-Tsunami Event coming at any moment!!!!! Be Prepared all through the weekend and next week because this one is almost a SURE THING!!! Be back on Monday unless something really MAJOR Shakes, then I'll write it up at first chance!!! EQ Guy

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