Thursday, September 24, 2015

4.4 Richters Strikes Just 50 Miles From Predicted City Of San Cristobal, Venezeula!!! WATCH For 6.8 Richters There Soon!!!!!

On top of the fact that I just now noticed that there was a 4.4 Columbia Earthquake so very near that epicenter that we are watching, I also located this here following entry from somewhere: EQ GUY: Those Predictions Are. . .San Cristobal, Venezuela 6.8 Richters on September 27, 2015, or thereabouts" (Etc.) SO, as of right now this writing I'm getting to know that region very well due to being on my SECOND looking accurate Prediction and that date coming up this weekend!!! And with the exact moment of that full moon being at September 28 2:52UTC, or actually even on September 27 at 9:52pm Central Time, THAT could be my next Great Prediction that could even qualify for X-Prize!!!!! MOSTLY for that exact moment of the Full Moon!!! Therefore the full moon window will begin Central Time at Sept. 25 9:52pm on Friday Night!!!!! Run through late Sunday Night. Here's all three of the medium sized earthquakes near San Cristobal from recent hours and days with the most recent shown on top of this list:

4.4 17km S of El Carmen, Colombia 2015-09-23 13:47:23
4.7 36km WNW of La Belleza, Colombia 2015-09-19 15:45:44
4.7 14km S of Genova, Colombia 2015-09-17 23:35:10

My final measurement on that 4.4 is that the epicenter looks to be about 180 Kilometers from San Cristobal and therefore on the basis of miles (Kilometers, Rather) it WOULD qualify for X-Prize Status!!! Would still need that big one to strike there among this series in order to submit, though. All of these striking and all the full moon action coming sure has me watching all this ever so closely, though, as I know most of you'll agree!!!

Generally when I feel the ground shake like I know it could be an earthquake somewhere, I try to write down the time as quick as possible in the event that this truly IS a Major Earthquake happening somewhere and I want to have the moment recorded incase I will need to refer back to it later, then the time will be written down right there in front of me like the 1:25am I have here now! Well, just checked early Wednesday Morning and found remarkably that 1:25am was a 3.5 Richters Virgin Island Earthquake!!! Here's those details:

M3.5 - 74km NNW of Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands
2015-09-23 01:25:35 (UTC-05:00) in your timezone

Nearby Cities
74km (46mi) NNW of Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands
102km (63mi) NE of Rio Grande, Puerto Rico

AND The link to USGS Report on that earthquake @

NOW Normally when I have a time written down like that it tends to be Alaska due to me being stationed in Wisconsin, but an occasional coincidence a California Earthquake will come up that coincided with the time I've written down and almost always like a 1.0 or .6 real small for whatever reason. Best I can figure is these are much bigger movements of large masses of tectonic plate and while the "Epicenter" may be given as somewhere in California. . . just the same we're probably talking the whole North American Tectonic Plate jiggling and the tiniest feeling of ground rumble in my region of Wisconsin. This would also explain why Alaska is usually where these are. Today since there is actually NO Felt Reports from the Virgin Island Earthquake, I am not even going to bother making a note on the USGS Page there! Imagine how it would look NOT having been felt anywhere in the Caribbean. . .but one felt report from Hidden Valley, Wisconsin!!!

That all said, here's possibly one final look at the now big list of ALL the 8.3 Chile Earthquake and all the rest now up to 201 at Earthquake Central: AND one final check produced still NO felt reports from that Virgin Islands Earthquake of Early Wednesday Morning. . . all except The EQ Guy up in Wisconsin but nevermind that!!! Watch San Cristobal, and Turkey!!! EQ Guy

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