Wednesday, September 30, 2015

5.0 Barbados!!! ALSO: Foreshocks of 4.5 and 4.7 There, Too!!! ARE They Overdue For Major Earthquake/Tsunami At Barbados? UPDATE: Now Hurricane Joaquin In Atlantic!!!

UPDATE: Tropical Storm Joaquin in the Atlantic has now been upgraded to Hurricane Joaquin!!! As you will note by reading the remainder of todays EQ Blog, this was all written earlier on Wednesday and before that big Tropical Storm was upgraded to a Hurricane! I also want to note that as all of this fairly huge windstorm must have been passing a lot of those northerly Caribbean Islands, there was obviously some effect taking place there, due to the 5.0 Richters Barbados Earthquake that I discuss in todays EQ Blog:

This time I'm not kidding when I say my phone rang with this here latest big earthquake that I actually admit to having been frightened right there immediately as I was checking my phone to see where this one was! Although I'd been getting a lot of 5 Magnitude earthquakes because that's the magnitude my phone is set to in order for them to message me, but Barbados just does not belong on there and I can't even actually say I've ever got a text message for an earthquake in Barbados ever before! Take a look at the now three earthquakes, and then I will explain:

5.0 127km ENE of Bathsheba, Barbados 2015-09-29 13:49:37
4.7 138km ENE of Bathsheba, Barbados 2015-09-29 11:12:53
4.5 157km ENE of Bathsheba, Barbados 2015-09-29 07:41:28

So, I can't say what the words were that came to mind, but Barbados might just be due for their next Major Earthquake/Tsunami Event since they had the "San Narciso Hurricane" with 811 deaths when it struck Danish Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico on October 29-30, 1867 and just a few days later of course on November 18, 1867 was that Virgin Islands Earthquake that was actually two earthquakes followed by two tsunamis!!!
And if I did this right there should be a picture of a big ship there to the left of this writing and it is a very rare pic of an actual ship that was washed ashore in the middle of one of those tsunamis like we see these days from time to time, with the only difference here being it is one of those very old ships with BIG SAILS on it!!! So, you can sure know that they are very definitely over due for their next tsunami there at Barbados and the Caribbean!!!!!
Ironically there was also a meeting taking place over ownership of those islands in those days and probably had a lot to do with why all the big ships were situated there at that particular time, too! MORE Weight on the Tectonic Plate if you know what I mean!!!

Here's that pic with the path we will be watching along for some Brand New Major Earthquake Energy, but as of this writing I have yet to track it and find out where:
WHERE it looks like the line jogs to the DUE WEST is going to cause a little bit of trouble for trying to track it because the line that approaches Taiwan might be a more accurate reading of where all the Earthquake Energy is going to be heading and the line that turns may not be all the energy. . . but then again it could promise to be some of it.

There was also a 4.2 Richters Earthquake that struck 27 miles from Kathmandu where we will now also be watching for something more yet to shake and that 4.2 could even have been something to do with this one!!! EQ Guy

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