Friday, September 4, 2015

Tune In To This Weeks "Earthquake Minute" To Hear The Latest Updated Epicenters For Major Earthquakes Around The World!!! ALSO: Lt. Joe Gliniewicz, Fox Lake Illinois Police Officer Story

Tune in on Friday for next episode of "Earthquake Minute" and I will announce those names of Exact Cities and Dates and Magnitudes of those 3 Upcoming Major Earthquakes!!!!! CLICK Listen Live at AND Usually between 4:15 and 4:30pm Central Time.

There was a big earthquake in 1875 that struck very near one of the places that I will be announcing on Friday!!! Here's that story at Wikipedia:

For now the big news is probably the fact that there is an update coming to all of the current alerts and the biggest news is that the original Seattle/Cascadia line looks like it will be more like crossing up around Fairbanks, however it is unknown if we will actually be watching Fairbanks so much as all of this Major Earthquake Energy from Typhoon Goni will be crossing up there and past Edmonton as these commonly do! Looks like the line that once was thought to intersect with Russia is heading off just a little in a different direction, too and I'm now thinking that the reason I said Russia in the first place probably had something to do with the fact that there started to be a lot of action around Tajikistan immediately following that landfall at Japan, although that alone does not entirely indicate there may be a future Major Epicenter there, no.

I thought today unless any real Major Shakers happen before Press Time, I want to take a moment to mention the recent police shooting that occurred just across the Illinois border from my home in Wisconsin. If you are familiar with my story about the McHenry, Illinois Earthquake, then you'll understand that Fox Lake is the next town to the East of McHenry and where Lt. Joe Gliniewicz of the Fox Lake Police Department was killed in an altercation with 3 perpetrators on Tuesday of this week. Latest Story @
And Here's a Great Pic of one of hundreds of Memorials posted to Lieutenant "G.I. Joe" Gliniewicz all around the City of Fox Lake, Illinois!!!
God Bless All of those involved with that terrible loss the Community, Joes Family, Fox Lake Police, ISP, Etc.!!!

And there will be some earthquakes happening, too, so be sure and tune-in to my show. . . which probably SHOULD make the airwaves today because time permitting I don't always know for sure if I will for sure, and find out what the names of those exact cities and dates will be!!!!! And Thank-You For Listening!!! EQ Guy

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