Friday, September 18, 2015

8.3 Ricthers San Felipe, Chile Earthquake Was Felt In Canada, And Spain!!! Felt Report Is Now IN!!! ALSO: EQ Video Log With That GREAT Prediction!!!!!

Just for the record, the actual date I used in that San Felipe Prediction that everybody's talking about was September 12, and the 8.3 Richters Earthquake 75 Miles From San Felipe, Chile struck on September 16 or like 4 days later!!! Albeit at Half-Richter (0.5) over my prediction which I do not normally like to try "Exact Magnitude" for that exact reason! Because if I try to say the Exact Magnitude. . . it could always be WAY bigger!!! In this case that's what happened but I did say like 7.6 just the same. Sorry it became an 8.3 before it was all over!!! Neither do I ever like to post too far down the road for a date such as Day 42 discussed later. . . just in the event that such a Massive Earthquake COULD strike BEFORE the day that I post, therefore if anybody noticed the day that i did infact say, September 12 just so happened to have been FOUR DAYS Before the 8.3 struck!!! Wouldn't have wanted to have said something like September 21 and had it actually shake there FIVE DAYS Before I said it was supposed to!!!

AND Check Out This Now GREAT EQ Video Log Which NOW Contains Such Great Earthquake Predictions as "San Felipe, Chile 7.6 Richters"!!! CLICK Arrow:

Felt Report is in now at Earthquake Central, from 8.3 Chile Earthquake! Check It Out with USA, Canada. . . and SPAIN!!! @

I received a Twitter message early Thursday from guy who wanted to know "WHERE in Turkey"? Therefore I ran back and found the names of those towns in Turkey and sent reply to him. Here's that info! The line runs from Erzurum in the East to Antalya in the west or south and then leaves Turkey for other places and told him it could CROSS there and not strike. . . striking somewhere else!!! Here's their Wikipedia Page:

You'll probably want to tune in Friday to see if "Earthquake Minute" will be on! Here's link to station and show is usually between 4:15 and 4:30pm Central Time @ AND Thank-You For Listening!!! Keep watching San Cristobal and Turkey!!! BIG Earthquakes out there. . . YET!!! EQ Guy

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