Monday, September 14, 2015

6.6 Richters Earthquake Strikes Mexico At Gulf of Baja California!!! Felt In San Diego!!! Watch San Felipe, San Cristobal, And Turkey!!!

The felt report has just been updated prior to this EQ Blog being posted for folks who would like to see all the names of the towns that reported the earthquake and now including several in the Southern California Region!!! Check It out at Earthquake Central:

Had to do some checking because I knew that I had discussed Mexico City and I also knew I said Mexico City should be getting some Earthquake Energy due to the landfall of both Hurricane Danny and Tropical Storm Erika and it was such a basic route to track that one, too! Those two big windstorms just headed West out of the Caribbean and directly for Mexico!!! So, anyways here's where I discovered it if you want to listen to an "Earthquake Minute" CLICK Arrow: Must say that was not even really an ACTUAL "Earthquake Minute" insofar as it is one that was NOT on-the-air version, rather for whatever reason such as mid-week between regular shows or a week the usual host might have been off because it's one I recorded myself and posted there, whatever, it's the one that talks about Mexico City and there's certainly mention of it in an EQ Blog somewhere, too, but by now you of course know we talked about it obviously.

The other very exciting fact that comes out of that Major Earthquake that rang my phone so many times early Sunday that I had to get up and put it on the charger to charge it back up because the ring runs the battery down. . . and then it kept ringing while it was on the charger, too!!! So it was originally a 6.8, then downgraded to a 6.4, then eventually upgraded to a 6.6 and I have no idea how many times I received all the different notices including one that said there was NO TSUNAMI. So the exact moment it struck was 3:14am Central Time and the Exact Moment of the September New Moon was at 1:43am Central Time or about 1 Hour and 31 Minutes before the earthquake or very close with the 6.6 Richters Mexico Earthquake striking about an hour and a half after that Exact Moment early Sunday!

Ran into this here item at some point over the weekend and am going to try to squeeze it into todays EQ Blog with a follow-up story as soon as I can maybe tomorrow with one other person who also survived that 1902 Massive Eruption of Mt. Pele: In early April 1902, Louis-Auguste Cyparis, locally known as Samson, was put in jail for wounding one of his friends with a cutlass. Towards the end of his sentence, he escaped from a labouring job in town, danced all night, and then turned himself into the authorities the following morning. For this, he was sentenced to solitary confinement for a week in the prison's dungeon. On May 8, he was alone in his dungeon with only a small grated opening cut into the wall above the door. While waiting for his breakfast, his cell became dark and he was overcome by intense gusts of hot air mixed with ash that had entered through the grated opening. He held his breathe while experiencing intense pain. After a few moments, the heat subsided. He was severally burned, but managed to survive for four days before he was rescued by people exploring the ruins of St. Pierre. After he recovered, he received a pardon and eventually joined the Barnum & Bailey Circus, where he toured the world billed as the "Lone Survivor of St. Pierre."

If anybody missed this weeks "Earthquake Minute" one more chance to go to the Transcript and see what all was on-the-air on Fridays "Exciting Episode". . . a term that I'm sure I borrowed from some other probably a lot more exciting Radio Show of days past! Check It Out@

We will now mainly continue to watch, although I probably should have mentioned Mexico City more times than apparently just that one time, I'll check that out, while we continue to watch San Felipe, San Cristobal, Turkey, and we probably should also be watching Fairbanks, Alaska, and Kingston, Jamaica, too! Leaving out New Madrid and Southern Illinois because I just do not think they'll be getting 7 Richters anytime soon. . . and the paper I'm looking at does still say Santiago!? EQ Guy

More earthquake stuff I wrote about in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy


Unknown said...

I just saw a post on fb about a major volcano erupting in Japan this morning. Is that anything of concern?

The EQ Alert Guy said...

Hi Dude,
Thank-You for the info on big Japan Volcano! So I went and ran the whole story in next days EQ Blog @ Check It Out!!!
Thank-You Again for writing me with that Great Volcano Info!!!

EQ Guy