Friday, June 7, 2013

New Moon Window Begins 9am Friday! ADD: Antiqua, Barbuda, Dominica & Montserrat to EQ Alerts!

Thought I should quick post this last minute blog entry tonight so that I do not forget to mention that the New Moon Window will begin at around 9am Friday (Pacific Time) and there is a lot of earthquake stuff going on! I double-checked the map for places that might be affected by the earthquake energy from the El Reno Tornado and found a few islands out in the Caribbean! Antiqua & Barbuda, Guadeloupe, and Dominic but occurred to me that one I have occasionally run into named Montserrat could be affected, too! Actually it looks like the volcano on Montserrat is the Soufrière Hills Volcano which means Sulfur in French and it looks like there is also a volcano on Guadeloupe Island, too! So we could be looking at some Volcano action here in the coming hours and days, too!

California is in for quite a major shaking this weekend with all of the New Moon Window happening starting on Friday Morning and the actual moment of the New Moon being on Saturday at 8:59am PDT and the window running through Sunday! You can almost COUNT ON some very serious shaking and if not California, then just to the south of the border at B.C., Mexico or possibly Coos Bay or just to the north or possibly more shaking out in Hawaii, somebody is going to shake with the June New Moon!!!!! Count on IT!!!!! EQ Guy

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