Wednesday, August 27, 2014

BIG News Is San Francisco COULD Get 7 or 8 Richters, Yet!!! Iceland Quakes/Volcano Connected?

I want to start off today saying that I'm Very sorry to report one death associated with Napa Earthquake and boy with serious injuries headed to physical therapy @

Lots of earthquake stuff happening including the fact that with a 6.0 leading the way in California, it occurred to me this was sort of the situation at Christchurch and I now want everybody to know that at that time I was saying that was NOT the Grand Finale!!! EQ Guy turned out to be RIGHT!!! Great Japan Earthquake and Tsunami WAS how that story ended! Today, it might be time for California to realize that a 6.0 might not be the "Grand Finale" for San Francisco. . . as most Californians probably already know and fully understand. Be watching due to somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 more Major Earthquakes still lurking out there around the Pacific Tectonic Plate.

Speaking of tectonic plates, that swarm at Lakeview started up again on Tuesday and would you believe that among the biggest ones in that swarm yesterday was one with TWO felt reports coming from Napa, California!!! Tells me that in addition to that already being one of the reasons for my Quake Chase 2014: Oakland in the first place. . . that ALL of the shaking that had been going on up there at Lakeview north of Reno, Nevada had already been a factor in the ground potentially moving in Napa. Further research on that subject also then revealed that both the Iceland Volcano, and Napa, California Earthquakes are situated out along the very edges of the North American Tectonic Plate and probably simply bumping that big tectonic plate back and forth, resulting in both events taking place at around the same time! This proved true in 2010 when the Eureka 2010 Earthquake happened on January 9. . . and Haiti struck on January 12 just a few days later! So, if anybody was wondering these two are probably connected like that, too, at least that is my opinion.

Here is a Great Picture of Askja Volcano Caldera in Iceland from USGS says public domain pic, so~~~
Finally, they are now saying magma in Iceland might be heading for Askja Volcano. . .where it continues to look like it might be that life-as-we-know-it ending Volcano! This mostly based on the fact that such things DO occur from time to time as well as the volcanoes that emit so much ash that they literally block out the sun for long periods! A report also has the sky being blue as a result of a lot of emissions from one volcano. . . so possibly good-bye blue sky hello purple sky? Link To Volcano Vid at You-Tube: Very Popular!!! Check It Out!!!

So keep watching California and especially San Francisco Bay Area for 7 to 7.6 Richters for a while just out of precaution and watch earthquakes in Iceland get bigger with a 5.2 and 5.6 that just struck 2 1/2 hours apart late on Tuesday which is a sign of even bigger earthquakes to come. . . and probably a huge volcano eruption, too! EQ Guy

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Anonymous said...

You can't be serious. You write like you're a charged up preteen girl writing nonsense in her diary, what with your bad grammar, over use of exclamation points, and your incoherent ramblings that offer no point of reference to anything valid or scientific. You're not a seismologist. You're not a geophysicist, yet you keep staking some weird, flimsy claim that you "called it first!!!!!" that you discovered that "a certain tectonic plate moves!!!!!" as if you're anything more than a sensationalist claiming to have discovered something rather groundbreaking. You offer your condolences to Napa because of the person who died in the earthquake on Sunday. Please enlighten us. Who is this supposed victim? There have been zero fatalities form the Napa earthquake. You state that, "Today, it might be time for California to realize that a 6.0 might not be the "Grand Finale" for San Francisco". You make zero sense. And the link you offered is a link to nowhere. But it's probably all just some conspiracy against you, the "original earthquake hunter/chaser/bountyhunter!!!!!" right? Because you're important enough to be silenced. You're certainly goofy enough that no one with credibility can take you seriously. Why are you trying to stir fear among people? Why do you think that there is such a thing as a "Grand Finale" earthquake? As long as there is an earth, there will be earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

dmitri senda said...

Oh, joy. I live 17 miles from Napa & my building shook for 25 seconds with the 6.0 & shook noticeabky with the 3.9 later. Mind telling me why you think we're going to get nailed by a 7 ? It is of some concern to me since our car is now down until Tuesday &'we'd have nowhere to go if the SHTF. And I don't bekieve the Weather Channel dweeb who made light of thosebwho think there IS earthquake weather. Its been in the high 80's here for days with 2 days in the 90s. I posted about my rocking out the quake on my You tube channel & on my paranormal and news forum as well as my blog. Scared the hell out of me.

The guy from pittsburgh ( tm ) on You Tube.

The EQ Alert Guy said...

Dear Guy From Pittsburgh,
Just sayin' what Geology/Seismology usually says following a Major Shaker such as recent Napa, California Earthquake. That is there can always be "Aftershocks bigger than the original earthquake"
Sorry, didn't mean to suggest repeating the "Saying" had any effect on it happening:)

EQ Guy