Thursday, August 28, 2014

Reality of Iceland Volcano Comes Into Focus!!! How Huge Could It Be???

As we continue to watch all of what is going on with the Iceland Volcano and my phone continues to chime every so often with more 5 Magnitude Earthquakes striking that volcano region, I have had more and more time to look into what all is going on up there and found some very interesting historical stuff along the way!

The latest information as of today with all due respect for other earthquake stuff going on around the world and California, up in Iceland it is not looking good! Then, on top of that I had to run into a story about the Laki Volcano there from 1783-1784 and a lot of new information saying global warming and melting of ice caps due to climate change could now also be a factor in a Major Eruption! That Story@
AND the Wikipedia Entry for Laki @

The biggest parts of both of those stories that really caught my attention the most was the fact that one of those eruptions was of the "Poisonous Gas" type and the Wikipedia Laki story gives all the exact names of those gasses and somewhere in all of that was also the story about how one of those eruptions brought about the extremely coldest winter, also! So, there is where I get a lot of the information of the type that I am leaning heavily on! You might also notice that none of the other stories as far as I could see have any mention of the eruptions being preceded by a lot of 5 Magnitude Earthquakes, too! Just going from memory, it seems like that honor is reserved for the likes of a Mt. Vesuvius. Famous for having had earthquakes preceding that enormous eruption back in the year 79AD.

A quick check revealed we are still watching for Major Earthquake Resultants from landfalls of Typhoon Halong/Japan on August 7, 2014 listing Sweeden and Ireland on my sheet among probably other places, but still seemingly endangering Iceland in a big way! Also Hurricane Iselle/Hawaii on August 8, 2014 with Sumatra, Banda Aceh, Indonesia on that list. Possibly still out there now is Typhoon Ramassun/Philippines, however I noticed San Francisco/Napa, California on August 24, 2014 would have been like Day 41 after that landfall and am wondering if there is still a MegaThruster out there? Do have to point out Potential Earthquake Energy from Ramassun/Philippines is headed in opposite direction of California and is likely still out there heading towards Afghanistan/Pakistan, Nepal, PNG, or Fiji, Solomon, Vanautu as my sheet says.

While they like to say a week after Napa Earthquake lessens the chance of a Major Aftershock, the aftershocks are currently slowing on what you could call schedule, but we should continue to watch for safety sake it might NOT have been the Grand Finale. . . if you know what I mean!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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Anonymous said...

Looking at the current Hurricane warning the storm is heading straight up toward Iceland. Potential for Earthquake and eruption?