Tuesday, February 9, 2016

3.9 Richters Struck 100 Miles South of The Super Bowl A Little Later After End of That Game! ALSO: 6.7 Papua New Guinea!!!

3.9 Richters struck about 100 Miles South of The Super Bowl apparently around 10:20pm Pacific Time, although I was not made aware of this one until long after the game and it did not appear on the list of latest earthquakes until later in the evening. Here's the felt report including San Francisco:

Santa Margarita, CA United States of America.3.....26 km
Taft, CA United States of America....................1.....60 km
San Luis Obispo, CA United States of America.3.....64 km
Atascadero, CA United States of America.....15.....64 km
Templeton, CA United States of America.......1.....68 km
Paso Robles, CA United States of America.....2.....72 km
Bradley, CA United States of America.............1....100 km
Lompoc, CA United States of America..........1....103 km
Lompoc, CA United States of America..........1....103 km
Ventura, CA United States of America.........1....137 km
San Jose, CA United States of America........1....265 km
Hayward, CA United States of America.........1....304 km
San Francisco, CA United States of America.1....338 km

Had that one actually struck even during like Half-Time there. . . it's difficult to say if it would have been too noticeable among the crowd there, due to only having ONE actual report listed as San Francisco! And update, one in San Jose! Next one that is on that list and is noticeable is Hayward, California and actually still even further beyond the Super Bowl location at Santa Clara. Not sure what all might have been going on at the Super Bowl by the time this small earthquake rolled around, but it would have been quite some time after the end of the game there.

Here's this weeks "Earthquake Minute" with the prediction I gave of February 11, Simi Valley, 6.4 Richters and maybe some of you haven't seen that vid, yet? CLICK Arrow: You might also wish to view Super Bowl "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@ https://youtu.be/mCqFfDP3VXM AND The Transcript@ http://earthquakealert3.blogspot.com/2016/02/big-super-bowl-sunday-earthquake-coming.html

And speaking of chances that Mt. St. Helens might erupt. . . this 2.9 came in somewhere along the way just a few miles from that BIG VOLCANO!!! Check Out The Abbreviated USGS Report on this one:

2.9 - 31km NE of Amboy, Washington, Time: February 8, 2016 at 10:50am in your time zone (Central Time)
Nearby Cities
31km (19mi) NE of Amboy, Washington
57km (35mi) ENE of Saint Helens, Oregon
116km (72mi) SSE of Olympia, Washington

One more worth reporting as we especially watch around Los Angeles where this next BIG one could shake, and here's a small foreshock. . . in the middle of a HUGE populated region, too:

2.0 - 2km SW of Bellflower, California, Time: 3:30pm Pacific Time, date was Monday:
Nearby Cities
2km (1mi) SW of Bellflower, California
2km (1mi) N of Lakewood, California
3km (2mi) SE of Paramount, California
6km (4mi) SW of Norwalk, California

Early on Monday there was also a 6.4 Richters Earthquake (Probably 6.7 Downgraded) at Papua New Guinea and it doesn't look like any threat of tsunami as far as the information I was able to find close to press time on this blog. New Moon Window will run like midway through the day on Tuesday, but has already been busy enough that I must say we tend to recognize the fact that there are other New Moon People who employ three days before and three days after the exact moment and thinking about it three days on this one actually takes us right about up to that date I selected for the prediction, or February 11, 2016!!! EQ Guy

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