Thursday, February 11, 2016

Small Earthquakes Strike At Granada Hills, and Rosemead, California!!! Day Numbers For Eureka 2010, And Haiti Coming Soon!!! Very Soon!!! Be Watching!!!

Beginning now with that Rosemead Earthquake albeit small, it continues to make it look like that very heavily populated area east of Los Angeles could be the epicenter of what's to come!!!

1.2 - 1km N of Rosemead, California, Time: February 10, 2016 at 7:39am Pacific Time
Nearby Cities
1km (1mi) N of Rosemead, California
3km (2mi) ESE of San Gabriel, California
5km (3mi) WNW of El Monte, California
6km (5mi) East of Los Angeles, California

Had also intended to include that Granada Hills Earthquake that I went to all the trouble to mention in the headline unless it changes, but now long story short it looks like the magnitude has even been changed AGAIN from whatever it was to make me say "Small Earthquake" to now a .9 Richters! We can move on beyond that one without the explanation as to how many miles the epicenter was from different places due to it now looking very much unimportant altogether! And while checking on that one, also found a 1.4 Lakeview Terrace Earthquake about 5 miles north of San Fernando, too! While Granada Hills is also just off to the Northwest of San Fernando and 5 miles north of Northridge. Also a 1.5 at Silver Lake near Echo Park and just north of Hollywood. Actually on the other side of Beverly Glenn (Canyon) if you're familiar with that area and I actually lived just a block or two from there, too! Any of those epicenters could become at or very near our upcoming Major California Epicenter!

Next, I've calculated the number of days after Blizzard 2009 before those BIG Earthquakes and Here's a link to that now Great Prediction followed by more details on all that@ READ ON!!!

I went back and double-checked the dates on that Big Blizzard and found December 18 and 19, 2009 and that would make the two Major Earthquake Resultants having struck on Day 21 at Eureka, and Day 24 at Haiti. Therefore if you put the date of the Big Blizzard 2016 in the place of 2009, then you'll have February 13, and February 16, 2016 for the dates that align at least mathematically with the dates of Eureka and Haiti 2010!!! Not exactly dates that are today or tomorrow, but in the event that I get too busy and move on to other stuff. . . do remember that they start arriving on Saturday!!! And the Haiti Earthquake followed like on the following Monday and COULD mean a dangerous earthquake, too!!! Right now in 2016 that is!!!

Now going on a thousand views for reasons unknown, although it's now slowed at around 750 I suppose due to the title being "Super Bowl" and that game now fading into history. . .Here's this weeks "Earthquake Minute" maybe some of you haven't seen yet? CLICK Arrow: You might also wish to view Super Bowl "Earthquake Minute" at YouTube@ AND The Transcript@

Finally if nothing else comes along prior to press time, then I will close todays EQ Blog by saying there is also the number of days that normally follow a big Nuke Test before Major Earthquakes such as now Taiwan and Chile. While Day Numbers for a test in 2006 and Enormous Hawaii Earthquake that followed were October 9 and 16 or Day 7 and now past, there could very easily still be Major Earthquakes related to that Nuke Test through March, but Day 43 will be February 17! Be Watching because theres tons of Severe Winter stuff and still major movement from that H-Bomb Test!!! AND a 2.8 New Hampshire right at press time. . . I'm talking about an earthquake there! EQ Guy

There's a lot of my very best earthquake stuff in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

In the event you're reading this because you heard "Earthquake Minute" on one of the big Radio Networks somewhere, I have a page with all my "Bio Information" from my EQ Radio Show@ and it will have a lot of answers and some of my best stuff! Thank-You For Listening, Too!!! EQ Guy

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