Friday, February 5, 2016

TWO Big Games Had Big EQ Alerts!!! BOTH Now Famous Earthquakes, Too!!! Great John Madden Story, Too!!! AND: "Earthquake Minute"?

Starting to look like it might be kind of serious here with now TWO Big Game Earthquakes that struck San Francisco and California!!! Monday Night, December 22, 2003 and World Series Earthquake of October 1989!!! BOTH had fairly big alerts going at that moment. . . . . and both are today famous earthquakes! NOW we're looking at another big alert, and another big game!!! In my research prior to this EQ Blog, I even located one more earthquake that could have even been remotely related to another of my Big EQ Alerts!!! There was an alert going around as I was following the Lakers on a Sunday Night and the following game was to be in Boston. Well, naturally there's at least a chance an earthquake could follow. . . but in the meantime wasn't I surprised to find, not knowing, that the earthquake STRUCK on Monday Night at a San Diego Padres game in the 8th inning and they actually had to stop the game as the scoreboard shook back and forth! So add one more to that list! Also working on this project on Thursday, came to me that Paso Robles Earthquake took place earlier in the day and Monday Night Football was later.

However, I seem to recall John Madden having said he was walking through Downtown San Francisco at the exact moment of that earthquake, too, and obviously prior to what would have hours later been a game of Monday Night Football probably at Oakland Stadium. He actually made some comments to the effect that he felt the earthquake, too, So this might be what we could again be looking at! Not sure if John Madden will be in the area on this years Super Bowl Sunday or not, but I seem to recall at one point, this having been long long ago in the midst of me writing my VERY FIRST book about earthquakes, that it was at that time mentioned that the effect of John Madden walking THROUGH San Francisco might even have been the cause of that earthquake! Yes, since the ground DID SHAKE. . . while he was walking through San Francisco! Was he at the World Series Quake, too?

We're not so much talking about just John Madden alone walking through Frisco. . . but you have to imagine enormous crowds that go along with this ordeal and take ALL of that into consideration and on Sunday it just might come to equal these other two big San Francisco and California Earthquakes! Now San Diego Padres, too! Regardless of what time that Monday Night Game actually started. . . must have been a good crowd in Downtown San Francisco with Madden there, you know!!!

I'm actually not even looking at Frisco as the epicenter on this one, no, I'm thinking more towards Bakersfield or San Fernando Valley/Simi Valley, and will have all that updated on this weeks "Earthquake Minute" on Friday!!! So please feel free to tune-in or go to and click "Listen Live" between 4:15 and 4:30pm Central Time and be watching for some shaking on Super Bowl Sunday!!! EQ Guy

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