Thursday, February 18, 2016

5 Active Volcanoes In California!!! One Is Considered "Threat Level HIGH"!!!!!

Answer to yesterdays question as promised: Looks like there are FIVE (5) Active Volcanoes in California!!! Surprisingly Mammoth Lakes IS NOT even one of them!!! Of course because it is probably not considered "Active"! Rest of the story follows this link and the "Earthquake Minute" Updates! Here's a great story that I located in the San Diego Reader with those "Active" California Volcanoes and at the end of todays EQ Blog if nothing else comes up I'll discuss all this!!! Story@ Also along that lines and also in this search that we're talking about here, I happened to locate the following quotation from none other than the State Geologist for the State of California himself!!! Here's what he had to say about volcanoes that I located somewhere: “California is the most geologically diverse state in the nation. We are known for our earthquakes, landslides and flood hazards. But our nearly forgotten hazard is our volcanoes,” said Dr. John Parrish,
the State Geologist of California. (USGS) And USGS is also possibly the place I located that quote, so Thank-You to them!!!

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ALSO Still a big alert for Simi Valley as you can see in last Fridays "Earthquake Minute" if you haven't seen it, then CLICK Arrow:
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Well, unless something else comes along prior to press time, then I basically just noticed that I had promised to answer that one question about California Volcanoes in yesterdays EQ Blog, saying I'd have an answer today! So, you might also want to know which of those "Active" volcanoes is my own personal favorite. . . having spent considerable time out in California myself! Well the story about Mt. Shasta has always been very interesting to me and it seems obvious it will erupt again someday, Mt. Lassen last erupted in 1917 and was actually preceded by of all things BOMBS being dropped over somewhere like England or one of those I think from a dirigible, and of course there's the rather famous "Long Valley Caldera" near Mammoth Lakes also a volcano and where a lot of the current activity brought up this whole conversation in the first place! However I have to say at least from the search results just now, that the MOST interesting find was the fact that right there at the Sulton Sea turns out to be located a "Salton Buttes Lava Dome" rated "Threat Level HIGH"!!! Very impressive for whatever is located out there in the middle of that big desert region!!! You might wish to view the USGS Story about Salton Buttes@ AND there was also an Amboy Volcano out there in the middle of the Mojave near Baghdad (Dry) Lake with of course a "Lava Field"!!! Not sure how you tell a Lava Field from the rest of the desert out in that region, but must also say that is ONLY the active ones in California!!! Because from touring that region many, many times. . . and it's along the road to Las Vegas, too, I will try to have something in tomorrows EQ Blog about MORE Volcanoes that I know of in California perhaps not all of them considered "Active" like those I discussed today!

Shaking is continuing mostly at Big Bear City, California and a quick check prior to press time showed little or no activity near yesterdays Big Pine, California location. . . which could mean that energy is migrating, too! So be watching for where! 2.4 Big Bear City, California 2:18pm Pacific Time is the latest there, although there've been several smaller ones since then! Keep Watching California!!! EQ Guy

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