Thursday, February 4, 2016

TWO Other Big Games HAVE Been On Days of Major Earthquakes!!! TOO Big of Major San Francisco Bay Earthquake COULD Disable Twitter, Google, and Many Others!!!

The two big games where there had BOTH been Major Earthquakes are the 1989 World Series Earthquake and also there was a Monday Night Football Game on December 22, 2003 with the 2003 Paso Robles Earthquake striking at 11:15am PST. Let me now say that we're now looking at a potential 7 Magnitude Super Bowl Earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area and a lot of the same "Hoopla" that might have gone along with that World Series Game, and a Monday Night Game there, too! Next I want to note that BOTH of those two big Earthquakes were or would have been under Major Alerts! Especially Paso Robles since I even had already sent out my very first "Severe Winter Conditions EQ Alert" via E-Mail just days before that earthquake and World Series Earthquake was preceded about 20 days by the landfall of Hurricane Hugo at Charleston!!! Today a Huge alert as all my best readers know!!!

You have to imagine enormous crowds that go along with this ordeal and take ALL of that into consideration and on Sunday it just might come to equal these other two big San Francisco and California Earthquakes! Let's give us the whole day Sunday and into Monday for any effect the New Moon might have on this Big Alert for California and remember the alert continues on beyond the Super Bowl, it's just that the game falls right into the alert so we will need to watch there! And now with the February New Moon Window starting early Sunday Morning February 7 at 7:40am Pacific Time just a few hours BEFORE Kickoff Time in Santa Clara.

On NFL "Week 16" there was TWO Big Games there!!! Green Bay @ Oakland, AND Cincinnati @ San Francisco and the date was December 20, 2015, BOTH taking place in Bay Area, of course there was NO active EQ Alert at that time. So while that December 20 similar situation might look and feel urgent. . . the fact that there was NO alert and there was NO earthquake figures prominently!!! Although The Super Bowl may more resemble the big crowd from World Series and Monday Night Football. . . if "Weight On The Tectonic Plate" could be a factor here, too.

I want to note that TOO Big of a Major Earthquake around the San Francisco Bay Area could also disable such resources as "Twitter" and "Google" and probably many others for quite some time, too, and if this happens, I will try to just return here as soon as they are all up and running, again!!! EQ Guy

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