Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Super Bowl Earthquake Coming!!!? Also Looks Like Existing "Official Prediction" Still In Effect!!!

It's just a little bit tense watching and waiting for a "Super Bowl Earthquake" to shake this weekend, but I do have to report that my phone rang early Tuesday with an earthquake up around Northern California! There have also been 2.1 Port Hueneme along with other quakes around the country including a fairly big 3.3 Maine felt all over the state of Maine, and a 4.9 Martinique or something like 29 Miles East of Martinique. We're now looking at a potential 7 Magnitude Super Bowl Earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area . . . and with the February New Moon Window starting early Sunday Morning February 7 at 7:40am Pacific Time just a few hours BEFORE Kickoff Time in Santa Clara, and running through like Tuesday! Therefore this years Super Bowl Game will be played entirely inside of a New Moon Window and at the same time as there is a Major Earthquake Alert for that Region!

Could be something we might normally spend a lot of time worrying about, but on this occasion I musts also say there had already been a couple of Major Playoff Games BOTH taking place in Bay Area earlier in the "Playoff Season" and do not recall too big of earthquake resulting. Although Superbowl may more resemble the big crowd from World Series if you know what I mean!!! ALSO: Looks like I happen to have located the following "Official Prediction" that I've already filed and it looks like it says something should shake before February 11, Check It Out!!! @ That applies to big winter storm circa December 24 and there will continue to be even more such alerts or serve to extend that existing alert and all of this is mostly for California!!! MIGHT even need to file a "Follow-Up" to that one there, but let's see how it goes between now and Feb. 11 first!

If you haven't seen this weeks Big Earthquake Alert: California "Earthquake Minute" CLICK Arrow:
Watch Big Earthquake Alert California EQ Minute Now at YouTube@ Transcript@

So, there seems to be a lot of possibilities happening in California! Looking more and more like a certainty there, and we're currently adding to that with a Giant Blizzard across a lot of the Midwest including me driving through a lot of it on Tuesday to get to work and add an opening act to a previously produced piece! Well that's done, and the blizzard is continuing to move across Northern Wisconsin and Michigan and only adding to the seriousness of all of the Severe Winter Conditions the possible cause of many a Major California Earthquakes! Watch and Be Prepared! EQ Guy

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