Wednesday, February 24, 2016

4.9 Richters Bakersfield Earthquake!!! Keep Watching Vanuatu And All Around Pacific/Indio/Australian Tectonic Plates!!!

Todays EQ Blog will begin with this fairly big 4.9 Richters Earthquake at Bakersfield!!! Or about 23 Miles Northwest of Bakersfield to be more exact and near Wasco! Small farming town just outside Bakersfield where the railroad runs through. . . or did last time I knew and methinks Amtrak goes through there, too! Although not sure if it affected any trains, it sure was felt many, many miles away as this here felt report will tell you:

Well here's a Great Pic as it turned out. . . of the Wasco Amtrak Station!!! Pic By Bobak Ha'Eri so that we may borrow it legally from Wikipedia!!!
YOU Can even see the Wasco sign prominently displayed out front of the Railway Station there, too! And just checked it looks like the epicenter was hardly a mile or two outside of this small town just north of another small town named Shafter where Amtrak might also stop, not sure! Do know the name of that train is Amtrak's San Joaquin!

You are Up-To-Date on what's shaking in California!!! And then some!!! Now time for This Weeks Los Angeles "Earthquake Minute" CLICK Arrow: You can view Los Angeles Earthquake Minute at YouTube@ AND The Transcript @ Thank-You For Watching!!!

NOW, looks like I might have been mentioned in some Twitter Messages "Tweets" up there in that shaky Bakersfield Region!!! Check out what I was able to cut-and-paste here and sorry if it appears to be your name, so I edited names for those folks! Here's those "Tweets":


Intuitizn Skate Shop ‏@Intuitiznskate 6h6 hours ago
Did anyone else just feel that #earthquake in #Bakersfield? 4:13pm. Damn, what a jolt! @EQAlert

J.K. ‏@AT3_Her0_33 6h6 hours ago
@Intuitiznskate @EQAlert felt it. But it was at 403

Gabrizla N. Xanchez ‏@lacquerloon 6h6 hours ago
@Intuitiznskate @EQAlert Intense!! My walls rattled!

6h6 hours ago
glxdys quizn and 3 others liked a Tweet you were mentioned in:
6h: Did anyone else just feel that #earthquake in #Bakersfield? 4:13pm. Damn, what a jolt! @EQAlert

Looks like I've about used up all my time on other subjects today, so I will get caught up on what way the Indio/Australian Tectonic Plate might be moving as soon as I can!!! For now ignore the fact that todays headline appears to be an alert for just about everywhere. . . I'll narrow that down tomorrow or as soon as I have time providing California does not keep shaking like it is doing!!! But of course wasn't that just what I predicted was going to happen!!! Thank-You for reading and re-tweeting me, folks!!! Watch for earthquakes and be prepared!!! EQ Guy

There's a lot of my very best earthquake stuff in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

In the event you're reading this because you heard "Earthquake Minute" on one of the big Radio Networks somewhere, I have a page with all my "Bio Information" from my EQ Radio Show@ and it will have a lot of answers and some of my best stuff! Thank-You For Listening, Too!!! EQ Guy

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