Friday, February 19, 2016

Several Small Earthquakes Strike Around San Francisco Bay Region!!! 4.3 Ludlow Near Barstow Felt All The Way To San Diego/Santa Barbara!!! UPDATE: Felt Report Now IN From Barstow Shaker!!!

UPDATE: 4.3 Richters Ludlow Near Barstow!!! Big Earthquake around 10pm Pacific Time! Felt in Long Beach, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Oxnard, Burbank, Northridge, and North Hollywood! Here's The Complete Felt Report at Earthquake Central: NOW Fridays EQ Blog:

UPDATE: Los Angeles Earthquakes Just in at Noon Central Time!!! 3 So Far! WATCH For The BIG One!!!
2.1 11km N of Elizabeth Lake, California 2016-02-19 12:12:18
2.4 4km NNE of Granada Hills, California 2016-02-19 12:11:25
2.5 17km N of Glendora, California 2016-02-19 12:11:17
THAT'S around 10:11, and 10:12am Pacific Time there and MORE Could shake while I'm traveling to work for "Earthquake Minute", too!!! NOW Todays Previously Written EQ Blog:

First today this one single larger one that was just a tenth on the Richter Scale too small to ring my phone!

3.4 7km W of Templeton, California 2016-02-18 22:12:06

Updating the above, a quick check of the "Felt Report" on that particular earthquake revealed this here interesting list of some major California locations!!! You might be able to figure out about where the epicenter may have been by this list:

Templeton, CA United States of America 93465........75.......8 km
Cayucos, CA United States of America 93430...........4......13 km
Paso Robles, CA United States of America 93446.....112......13 km
Atascadero, CA United States of America 93422......107......14 km
Morro Bay, CA United States of America 93442........12......15 km
Cambria, CA United States of America 93428...........2......21 km
San Luis Obispo, CA United States of America 93405...1......36 km
San Luis Obispo, CA United States of America 93401...1......37 km
San Miguel, CA United States of America 93451........3......44 km
Grover Beach, CA United States of America 93433......1......49 km
Santa Margarita, CA United States of America 93453...1......76 km
Corcoran, CA United States of America 93212..........1.....126 km
Seaside, CA United States of America 93955...........1.....151 km
Ludlow, CA United States of America 92338............1.....410 km

Just off the map of San Francisco Bay, but thought I'd post it anyways! Now all of that about Frisco, and in addition to all the shaking, comes a story someone else posted you might want to see because this other person is also saying all the shakers up around Mammoth Lakes will be leading to just this here, these are the earthquakes around San Francisco Bay:

1.7 6km NW of Broadmoor, California 2016-02-19 06:51:49
1.6 6km NW of Broadmoor, California 2016-02-19 00:57:43
2.0 6km NW of Broadmoor, California 2016-02-18 21:49:15
1.8 1km ENE of Saratoga, California 2016-02-18 13:37:37
1.5 12km NE of Milpitas, California 2016-02-18 09:21:37
2.3 7km N of Black Point-Green Point, CA 02-18 07:15:12

This story goes into the fact that he thinks there could now be an earthquake out along that coast! And he even says it should be like ONE (1) whole Richter BIGGER than the (he says) 4.8 Earthquakes. . . although one of them was originally posted as a 5.3 so would that make his hypothesis for a 5.9 and mine for a 6.3? Well, that would work because my prediction there is already for a 6.4 so here's the link to his story then we'll move on:

ADD one to the already big list of East Coast Shakers today, because a place called Bloomingdale, New Jersey, looks like it's just to the north of "Meadowlands," just got an ever so tiny shaker, but it still counts towards East Coast Shakers! Just doesn't really count towards BIG East Coast Shakers if you're paying attention:

1.1 1km NW of Bloomingdale, New Jersey 2016-02-18 19:17:00

Said I would try to have something in todays EQ Blog about MORE Volcanoes that I know of in California perhaps not all of them considered "Active" like those I discussed yesterday. So the first one that I found and also found out that the word I was looking for was Dormant. . . because these here are "Extinct" and very much LESS dangerous!!! Eagle Lake Volcano has been extinct now for over 10,000 years!!! At 5,420 feet, Eagle Lake is at the junction of the Sierra Nevada, and the Cascades. It contains 15 small cinder cones and next Silver Lake Volcano at just over 5000 feet and also now extinct for over 10,000 years! Saved my favorite for last! That would be one particular volcano that I personally visited while staying in the Death Valley Area of California and Great Camping there, too! Hot!!! Volcano name is Ubehebe, or Ubehebe Craters as the region is listed. Here's a Great Pic with some people actually standing almost exactly right about where I viewed it from or I suppose the closest view from the parking lot:
GOT some Great Pics myself and actually stepped right down inside of it a little ways, too! Not everyday you walk into a Volcano, but had to try it that one time! They're even actually saying it COULD go off again some day. . . soon!!!

At first I was actually thinking about skipping this weeks "Earthquake Minute" and just telling the D.J. to skip-it for this week because of all the work I've been doing on other editions of that show, thought maybe just maybe take a week OFF!!! Then all the shaking started and so I will have my usual collection of notes prepared there again this week just in the event we have the time!!! UPDATE: Show Went Well!!! Here's The Transcript and vid will follow!!! @ EQ Guy

HERE'S THE VID!!! This Weeks Los Angeles "Earthquake Minute" CLICK Arrow: You can view Los Angeles Earthquake Minute at YouTube@ AND The Transcript @ Thank-You For Watching!!!

Late Friday Night Pacific Time and very early Saturday Morning Central Time my phone rang with the latest big California Earthquake at 4.3 Richters just North of San Bernardino at Lucerne Valley, California and here now is the felt report on that shaker at Earthquake Central@ Keep Watching for more!!! EQ Guy

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