Friday, October 14, 2016

4.8 Richters Iran Earthquake And 2 at North of New Zealand Epicenter!!! Both Spots Where We're Watching For Predictions At!!! NOW With Full Moon!!! ALSO: Earthquake Minute!!!

Just In!!! This is an Audio Version of "Earthquake Minute" pasted over some old pics of ME!!! CLICK Arrow: Here's That Vid at YouTube@ Here's "Update Earthquake Minute" Radio Show Transcript@ NOW Fridays EQ Blog:

Well I'll just run the banner off the Iran Earthquake because I ran through the list of "Nearby Places" and didn't recognize any of the town names. . . not waiting around for the Felt Report because I probably won't know any of those towns, either. Call it Southwest Iran, but here's that headline off the USGS Report: "4.8 - 44km NNE of Aghajari, Iran" and you might like to see the time: 2016-10-14 01:43:50 UTC Methinks this one COULD be a foreshock since Iran is on my original list of predictions and while this here practically cinches it, let's really be watching that region because it could be up to a 7.

One of these was much closer to land and they appear to be several hours apart, but BOTH appear on the map at North New Zealand and also where we are watching for one of my predictions:

4.7 161km ENE of Opotiki, New Zealand 2016-10-14 00:30
4.7 East of the North Island of New Zealand 2016-10-13 11:35

Shouldn't be too much of a surprise that all of those earthquake predictions I have made look like they're probably going to start happening along with the October Full Moon Window!!! Full Moon Window will start late Friday at 11:25pm Central, 9:25pm Pacific and the exact moment of the October Full Moon will be at 11:25pm Central, 9:25pm Pacific Time on Saturday. Otherwise Good-Weekend, Everybody!!! EQ Guy

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