Thursday, October 13, 2016

5.1 Richters Earthquake Strikes 50 Miles Southwest of Higuera de Zaragoza, Mexico!!! Updates On 2 Predictions!!! Should We Want MORE To Be Shaking???

Again, as you might have seen in my last or most recent EQ Blog or yesterday, there's STILL not a lot of earthquakes and in fact if I was to start out an EQ Blog with a big one. . .this would have to be it!!!

5.1 - 70km SW of Higuera de Zaragoza, Mexico
2016-10-13 03:55:13 UTC 25.508°N 109.795°W 20.2 km depth

Nearby Places:
43 Miles W of Bachomobampo NĂºmero Dos, Mexico Pop. 1,365
48 Miles SW of Ahome, Mexico Population: 10,806
53 Miles WSW of Los Mochis, Mexico Population: 214,601
62 Miles WSW of Juan Jose Rios, Mexico Population: 26,380
99 Miles NNE of La Paz, Mexico Population: 171,485

If you haven't seen this weeks Hurricane Matthew "Earthquake Minute"!!! CLICK Arrow: See Hurricane Matthew Minute on YouTube@ And The Transcript@

So, it even occurred to me to jump ahead to Friday for talk about the Full Moon Window that looks like it will start on the night of October 14 or late Friday at 11:25pm Central, 9:25pm Pacific with the exact moment of the October Full Moon at those same times on Saturday, October 15th. Of course as I like to say "The More Full; The More Pull" and so we. . . might start watching immediately for something to happen!!! Anything!!! Because there's NOTHING happening right now at the moment! Probably means earthquakes coming. . . but honestly not seeing it right now!!!

Updates on two predictions right now speaking of the full moon and because the new updated dates on these two are directly related to the Full Moon Window! They are Italy, 7.6 now on October 15/16 and maybe even late on the evening where the date has not yet turned over entirely everywhere so watch for that! And Seattle/Vancouver now October 16 to 19 because some USGS Predictions do not require an exact date! That one at a 6.5

A couple more of them to come, but I'll wait until we do the "Earthquake Minute" Radio Show on Friday, time permitting, and have all of those for you at that time! For now that's honestly ALL that there is going on with earthquakes! Should we want more to be going on? EQ Guy

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