Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hurricane Matthew Now Heads For Possible Landfall at or Near Florida an Eastern United States!!! Continue To Watch All Those Areas For Earthquakes, Too!!!

Along with the landfall of Hurricane Matthew at Haiti and Cuba, we have to keep in mind the already potentially dangerous Earthquake Warning that was issued by California just recently! Let's start out with this here list of just the ones that shook there along the Salton Sea this morning:

3.0 12km WNW of Calipatria, CA 2016-10-05 14:11
1.7 12km WNW of Calipatria, CA 2016-10-05 14:03
1.7 12km WNW of Calipatria, CA 2016-10-05 14:02
2.0 13km WNW of Calipatria, CA 2016-10-05 13:49
3.4 12km WNW of Calipatria, CA 2016-10-05 13:47

However I want to note that if you go to that actual Memo@ YOU WILL SEE that it appears the memo runs its course at 9am Pacific Time on October 4, 2016 or yesterday. Here's that passage: "CEPEC believes that stresses associated with this earthquake swarm may increase the probability of a major earthquake on the San Andreas Fault to values up to 1.0 percent for a M7.0 or larger earthquake occurring over the next week (to 09:00 hrs PDT, Tuesday, October 4, 2016)" AND add to that the fact that we've now still got at least some more shaking there. . . and I have to wonder if they actually meant the warning to have an official end date in the way it appears to have there? Because it could still be shaking and the chance might continue to exist that we should keep watching there.

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Here is the USGS Report from this one of two that struck there around 9am Central Time on Wednesday Morning followed by the felt report:

3.4 - 12km WNW of Calipatria, CA
2016-10-05 13:47:47 UTC 33.160°N 115.642°W 3.0 km depth

Nearby Places:
7.5 Miles WNW of Calipatria, CA
8.7 Miles N of Westmorland, CA
8.7 Miles SW of Niland, CA
14.3 Miles NNW of Brawley, CA
26.1 Miles N of El Centro, CA

Westmorland, CA 92281 United States of America...1.....10 km
Calipatria, CA 92233 United States of America....1.....12 km

Although all my own information that I routinely give in this here "EQ Blog" is very much unofficial, I do have to say we are probably looking at LOTS of Major Earthquakes coming! There was also just a 4.4 Offshore South America Earthquake early Wednesday, too! Earthquakes at Haiti and Cuba and a lot of those affected and potentially affected regions are not unusual anyways such as Charleston and should expect to shake! Most notable our East Coast but the New Madrid Region and Oklahoma could be the first in line here right now! I've also seen Canada get the big shaker that followed the landfall of a big hurricane and even the 1958 Yellowstone Earthquake was directly connected to a very big hurricane!!! Be Watching!!! EQ Guy

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