Friday, October 7, 2016

As Hurricane Matthew Brushes Florida And Heads For Carolinas, Anything Can Happen/Shake Now!!! ALSO: Hurricane Minute on This Weeks "Earthquake Minute" Radio Show!!!

Here's Hurricane Minute See Hurricane Matthew Minute on YouTube@ And The Transcript@ NOW Fridays EQ Blog:

By now you may have all heard that this is about the only time that anybody can recall or I suppose going back as far as the records are kept, that there's ever been a hurricane anything like this here one brushing along the Atlantic Coast of Florida! I've worked with a lot of big windstorms where brushing is the force that we have to work with and as a result of such high winds as 130 with gusts of 155 brushing Florida so far up to this point and no landfall. . . we will still need to be aware there's probably some MORE New Earthquake Energy, yet!!!

Here is a link to my newest CEPEC-OES Pacifica Network "Earthquake Minute" Transcript@

So many earthquakes now coming and so much new earthquake energy just now from all of the action associated with Hurricane Matthew, that I will even need to add more to it as a result of the late Thursday brushing, too!!! For now I beleive pretty much all the ones I gave in yesterdays EQ Blog as the result of Matthew/Bahamas should suffice. Those would be Montreal, New York, Ottawa, and Peru, while the others such as New Madrid, Yellowstone, Haiti, and Seattle/Vancouver won't so much become affected by Matthew/Florida as they will be continuing as the result of Matthew Cuba/Haiti from days earlier.

I'll have updates as needed, but LOTS of shaking is coming up as all my very best readers pretty much know!!! EQ Guy

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