Thursday, October 6, 2016

As Hurricane Matthew Rakes Bahamas And Steams Towards Nassau And Florida, New EQ Alerts For Washington DC, New York, Cleveland, Ottawa, Montreal, Caracas, Haiti, and Peru!!! Landfall At Florida Very Soon!!!

I know you might all have noticed that I'm drifting just a little towards following Hurricanes here and sort of away from talking about earthquakes in the realm of Hurricane Matthew and landfall upcoming at Florida and am sorry if I am beginning to sound too much like meteorology here. That said let us begin today with a nice drawing of Hurricane Ivan from 2004:
So here goes! The latest track they seem to be showing for Hurricane Matthew looks remarkably like this one here that reminded me of Hurricane Ivan's track in 2004 so I thought I'd look it up and run it! Even if it does circle and miss heading up the East Coast, there's still that chance it could head right back towards Florida and cross the peninsula there and even enter the Gulf of Mexico! Katrina crossed very near there and grew in strength in the Gulf, too!!!

As Hurricane Matthew is now at a CAT-3. . . just also notice Hurricane Katrina was a CAT-3 when it made landfall at Louisiana!!!

Big Earthquake News today is mostly the fact that Hurricane Matthew has lost about 20 or 30 Miles Per Hour of its windspeed and was last reported at 115 from as high as 145 and 150, I guess that would be 30. Reason I mention this is because quite often some of the biggest Typhoons that strike Taiwan have also reduced by a similar amount. . . then become responsible for the likes of that big Ecuador Earthquake!!!

The result today of Hurricane Matthew crossing the Bahamas could immediately be earthquakes for Haiti, Caracas Venezuela, New Madrid, Yellowstone and up around Seattle/Vancouver where they are already under a big alert anyways so watch places such as Haiti and Caracas immediately for maybe 7.5 Richters. Sometimes these happen while the big windstorm is still happening, too! While I'm looking at the globe, Washington DC, Cleveland, and Montreal for the Cuba Landfall, and New York, Ottawa, Hudson Bay, and Peru for the landfall of Hurricane Matthew at Haiti. One of those will probably strike just in the coming hours so be watching!!!

And there'll be a lot more alerts right here as that big windstorm strikes Nassau, too!!! Been quite some time since any earthquakes. . . but trust me when I say THEY'RE COMING!!! EQ Guy

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