Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hurricane Seymore Theory

This just occurred to me as I was observing the latest information on Hurricane Seymore in the Eastern Pacific and headed up along the Baja California Penninsula. It looks as though this was probably the force that created Central America from all the hurricane activity that has pushed, and pushed that portion of the North American Tectonic Plate north and caused the "Sea Floor Spreading" to occur between North and South America. This is also probably what is happening in the Gulf of Mexico and probably how the Gulf of Mexico was created, too. It also seems to be the answer to why hurricanes on both sides of North America only travel so far north, and that would be because over a long period of years they've been pushing it so far north that there is now colder water that they are heading into and probably getting colder as they continue to push, with global warming aside.

In the Atlantic it would be how hurricanes have historically traveled far beyond Iceland and cruised up into the Arctic Ocean and this would be how the Arctic Ocean was formed and at some point in time a number of these windstorms could have continued on far into the Arctic Ocean. Probably many of them traveling north between Greenland and North America towards the North Pole by that route and even still then opening up the Arctic Ocean from that direction, too. Possibly the source for all of the creation of the Arctic Ocean along with a number of big windstorms that probably were also able to venture that much further north past California, Washington, and Oregon long, long ago. And also some typhoons travel that route across the Pacific and then veer north towards the Bering Strait, too, also helping to form the Arctic Ocean long ago. With a lot of them pushing due north at the Gulf of Mexico such as Katrina did, all of that has probably pushed and pushed the North American Continent until Florida and Central America were spread out into the waters that formed as the North American Tectonic Plate kept pushing north away from the Gulf and the Caribbean with all those islands forming as a result, too.

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