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Earthquake Warning Issued For Southern California Direct From O.E.S. Officials Themselves!!!!! CAT-4/5 Hurricane Matthew Now in Caribbean Could Be Trouble!!! ALSO: Tune-In To My Next "Les Lusters RockShow" Monday Night!!!

Aside from all the other things shaking today and that hurricane, I want to start out with "Les Lusters RockShow"!!!!! Yes, for a few of my best fans you'll want to know my most recent edition of Radio Show where I play a lot of Great Old tunes will hit the airwaves Monday Night at 7pm Central Time for an hour! CLICK Listen Live@ And of course be in the archives there for at least a few weeks afterwards beginning immediately after the show same link, only click "Archives" later.

Ecuador became very famous for all the earthquakes they were getting there prior to the big one earlier this year and now already one right here at the exact epicenter we're now watching for the next big one THERE!!!

4.9 - 37km E of Palora, Ecuador
2016-09-30 16:45:12 UTC 1.684°S 77.592°W 169.6 km depth

Guayaquil, Guayas, Ecuador.........3.....313 km

Also very near Riobamba where they might actually be very near the epicenter when this next Ecuador Earthquake strikes later in October.

When I first spotted this one my immediate thought besides the fact that we're actually watching the East Coast for a big one, was that there's NO Tsunami Alert System out there on our East Coast!!! Because this one struck as you can see South Southeast. . . or a lot of miles offshore and almost at the exact sort of shelf that big Honshu, Japan struck with all THAT Tsunami action!!! New York could be next and we might NOT be talking about a movie, either!! Here's that one:

2.7 - 271km SSE of Southampton, New York
2016-09-30 18:24:59 UTC 39.019°N 71.292°W 7.4 km depth
Nearby Places:
141 Miles SSE of Flying Point, New York
143 Miles SSE of Hampton Bays, New York, Population: 13,603
193 Miles S of Providence, Rhode Island, Population: 178,042

This Weeks 10 Prediction "Earthquake Minute" CLICK Arrow: WATCH 10 Prediction Friday at YouTube@ The Transcript is @

There has been a lot of talk about an older swarm such as the one they're having in Southern California so I found this link to the Baja California Swarm of January 1, 2010 EQ Blog@ Although in all the talk about a possible big earthquake coming. . . nobody mentioned the 2010 Eureka Earthquake of like 7.1 Richters followed this swarm on January 9, 2010!!!

The epicenter of Friday's Charleston, Carolina Earthquake looks to have been about 6 miles west of the epicenter of the 1886 Charleston 7.6 Magnitude Earthquake and while right at the moment there's no alerts that big heading for Charleston, there is still a LOT of earthquake energy and quite a bit of it is in that region so it's possible Charleston or that region could get something especially as we wait to see what Hurricane Matthew is going to be doing there!!!

1.9 6km SSW of Ladson, South Carolina 2016-10-01 21:02
1.7 5km SSW of Ladson, South Carolina 2016-09-30 11:01


I know many of you have heard this next story and I referred to it earlier, about the warning issued as a result of all that shaking!!! Here's a link to a good story and I have the actual "Memorandum" after this link:

All that shaking resulted in a meeting of the "California Earthquake Prediction Evaluation Council" or CEPEC as you read about here from time to time and they issued this here memo as a result of all the talk of a big one happening following that "Bombay Beach Swarm" check out the memo@

All of that further resulted in this here Message-Question From a Facebook Friend: "I live in San Bernardino Ca, ... I think the actual fault runs between the foothills and the mtns at the edge of the upper desert. Do I have to worry right now... I am about 2 miles from the fault but I think the fault area is much larger than a line in the sand.... our valley is a subterranean lake made from the start of the Santa Ana river.... thank you" SO I REPLIED THIS DUDE WITH: "That happens to be a section of the San Andreas Fault where we've long been watching for a big one and so one could always happen there especially with all that shaking currently going on"

Here's a good sized one that struck very, very near Kashmir where you might have heard I am talking about adding a prediction for them. . . if I do, I may very well already give myself credit for it due to this one right here just miles from Kashmir:

5.4 - 48km NNW of Athmuqam, Pakistan
2016-10-01 08:04:39 UTC 34.949°N 73.631°E 43.4 km depth

Nearby Places:
Athmuqam, Pakistan 48.4 km (30.1 mi) NNW, Population: 0
Muzaffarābād, Pakistan, 65.9 km (41.0 mi) NNE, Population: 725,000
Baffa, Pakistan, 68.1 km (42.3 mi) NE, Population: 14,047
Mānsehra, Pakistan, 78.9 km (49.1 mi) NNE, Population: 66,486
Abbottābād, Pakistan, 96.9 km (60.2 mi) NNE, Population: 120,000

Of course that has more to do with the "Speed" of our conversations if you've heard "Earthquake Minute" and we still need to watch any ways just the same because it's probable there'll be a much larger one to follow there!!! And Tune-In to my "Les Lusters RockShow" tonight if you have a chance! Thank-You For Listening!!! EQ Guy

Much more earthquake stuff I wrote all about in My E-Book, "Bringing Earthquakes To Life" @ Thank-You For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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