Sunday, October 30, 2016

6.6 Richters Earthquake Struck Norcia, Italy Early Sunday!!! No Deaths being Reported There!!!

Reports that are coming in report NO deaths. . . mostly due to the fact that virtually everybody had already been evacuated from towns as a result of all those earlier earthquakes there!!! I'll have update early Monday. Link to a good BBC version of story follows:

Italy's most violent earthquakes since 1900:

October 2016 - Norcia, central Italy, magnitude 6.6, no deaths reported so far
November 1980 - Campania, southern Italy (Naples badly hit), magnitude 6.9, up to 5,000 killed
July 1930 - Irpinia, Campania, magnitude 6.6, 1,400 killed
January 1915 - L'Aquila, magnitude 6.7, more than 30,000 killed
December 1908 - Strait of Messina, magnitude 7.1, up to 200,000 killed by earthquake and tsunami
September 1905 - Calabria, magnitude 7.2, up to 2,500 killed by tsunami

There had been a lot of substantial damage reported, though. AND a link to that story@

Sorry for all our friends in that region and here's hoping the shaking may be coming to an end there, soon!!! God Bless!!! EQ Guy


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