Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hurricane Nicole Effect

The "Hurricane Nicole Effect" is my latest reference to the fact that I am not entirely sure if ANYBODY has ever noted the fact that as we can right now see, Hurricane Nicole is currently pushing or about to be pushing on the Island of Greenland and ultimately serving to push that continent AWAY from North America. My thinking is that I do not recall any mention at all whatsoever by any one, especially of science, who ever has said any such thing and that it DOES go along with all my other theories as to "Precision Plate Tectonics" however may not have been written about separately. At this time I therefore submit to science that the Continent of Greenland along with many other such islands around the world have been separated primarily by such big windstorms as Hurricane Nicole and along these same lines Hurricane Matthew crossed a similar path earlier this month between Cuba and Haiti or the Island of Hispaniola among the places where I began to wonder if I was the only person aware that this was probable. Just saying, it has long been a very routine form of "Accepted Science" for many years now at least for me.

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