Thursday, February 6, 2014

Countdown To Next BIG California Earthquake!!!!!? Today? Tomorrow? This Weekend? 7.6 To 9???

By the looks of all the earthquakes currently shaking up around mostly Northern California it would appear only moments before this one strikes!!! My regular readers already know we followed all this earthquake energy from Virginia City, Nevada and knew it would probably strike Mammoth Lakes next, right? AND then we knew it would continue up to Northern California next, right? I have to note here that as I write it is possible it is now striking Eureka and possible it passed The Geysers for whatever reason I could speculate, but you might not like what I want to say here.

Knowing it is shaking Eureka and Northern California right this moment as I write this around Midnight Central Time I'm rather afraid this could be it. . . so allow me to change the subject here to the swarm at Mammoth Lakes and here is the complete list at Earthquake Central and will be updated provided the earthquake isn't too big that it takes all my time:

This one is not for sure going to strike California, it is for sure going to strike but hopefully up in the Siberian Desert where nothing but a few lonely seismometers will ever feel it. However I'm sorry to say we are more, and more overdue for one that unfortunately does affect people. . . and a lot of people and as always we hope this one will not be the one, but as of this writing there aren't really too many people doing anything about it so let's you and me leave it at that.

One more time on the correlation, it equals Friday at 2:06pm and it is getting so close to that exact moment that it is making me worry, sorry! This is the number of days and hours after the Baja California Swarm of December 30, 2009 when the Eureka 2010 6.5 Richters Earthquake struck and don't forget the correlation for the Haiti Earthquake follows just hours later on Monday at 11:33am Pacific with the February Full Moon Window later next week besides!

Looks like there might be some shaking going on in the coming hours and days! I'm very sorry ahead of time for everybody who is affected by it and heads up to my friends in Los Angeles and San Francisco this might be a big earthquake! You guys all know that so be prepared!!! Sincerely, The EQ Alert Guy

Here's the link to the Official Prediction:

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