Thursday, June 12, 2014

3.3 Bishop, California Early Wednesday, and 3.3 Salt Lake City Just In!!!!! NOW Over 1000 Felt Reports!!! (Updated) Coincidence? Connected? MORE Coming???

Due to a lot happening today I am going to have to skip the story about more connections being made between the Mammoth Lakes Swarms and those others. The real news that is happening right now as I am typing this is that there was a 3.3 early Wednesday near Bishop, California just outside the East Entrance to Yosemite, and there was just late Wednesday Pacific Time another 3.3 just on the outskirts of Salt Lake City with thousands of felt reports from just that city alone along with hundreds from places such as Bountiful, Ogden, and several other towns in Utah. Here is the entire report you can view for yourself at Earthquake Central NOW Updated as of 8:25am Pacific Time:

Exact Moment of June 2014 Full Moon will be on June 13 at 4:14am Universal Time, but the real big news right now with that is the fact that the Salt Lake City Earthquake shook exactly 20 minutes AFTER the official start of the Full Moon Window!!! This earthquake qualifies as an earthquake that struck DURING the Full Moon!!! Question of what effect the full moon has on land so far away from the ocean is starting to come into focus. If all the other correlations we have been discussing here on practically a daily basis are true. . . then I see no problem with any additional pull the full moon might have on the ocean, also affecting the Great Salt Lake!!! As you could say is evident by the fact that they just had this one here last night!

So, we will be watching this particular Full Moon just a little bit closer now that we've had a couple of 3.3's that it is obvious to me are connected having just tracked those three other ones at Mammoth Lakes, Yellowstone, and Haines Junction all with nearly identical "Footprints". The Full Moon Window will basically now run all the way through or at least well into Saturday, although starting as early as 4:14UTC you might say it should be exhausted before the end of the day on Saturday.

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