Monday, June 9, 2014

As The Pacific Turns!!! More Seismic Action Out There!!!!! WHO Will Shake Next?

LOTS of Seismic Action all around the Pacific to report!!! FIRST You might check out this weeks new EQ V-Log!!! CLICK Arrow @

And of course by now you probably heard my horse "California Chrome" DID NOT win the Belmont Stakes and as a result did not win the Triple Crown! Not too much else to say about it as you can understand! Not sure when we will ever again be at the magic day when the whole world is watching and hoping to see a horse win the Triple Crown again. . . but it will probably happen someday! Sorry it wasn't this year because it seemed like so far to be a fairly lucky year that just needed a nice Triple Crown to add to it, know what I mean?

The big news in the world of earthquakes right here at this moment as I am writing besides the fact that there was JUST a tiny 1.5 at I notice THE OTHER Westwood. . . so it is not quite as big of news as Westwood on Wilshire Blvd. in Hollywood might have been. Sooooo, the other big news was the series of small earthquakes early on Sunday that posted Santa Susana as the epicenter, here is the felt report from that one and I am guessing the tiny town of Santa Susana itself must be in the Simi Valley zip code of 93063 due to the 31 felt reports that came from there. All good neighbors of mine from my Hollywood days up there along the Reagan Freeway!!!

Canoga Park (91304) CA United States of America....1......12 km
Irvine (92606) CA United States of America..............1.....105 km
Moorpark (93021) CA United States of America.........1......17 km
Santa Cruz (95065) CA United States of America.......1.....426 km
Simi Valley (93063) CA United States of America.....31......10 km
Simi Valley (93065) CA United States of America......3......10 km
Thousand Oaks (91362) CA United States of America.1......15 km

Finally, all day today I have been tracking this event I'm now calling "As The Pacific Turns" because it looks like all of the 4.7 and 4.9 Richters Earthquakes that struck the last 36 hours appear to be the result of the Pacific Tectonic Plate taking one last good turn of probably like one or two centimeters at the end of all the turning that started with the 8.0 or 8.2 at Chile in April.
What appears to be happening here is starting with Burma, they seem to circle the Pacific onto Honduras, Vanuatu, Philippines, Japan, Argentina, Valpo Chile, Macquarie Island, Fiji, Guam, Greece 4.8?, Japan, Solomon Islands, Argentina, Iquique Chile, and most recently Fiji. At the one point it had ended briefly at Chile just long enough for me to look at the list and attempt to figure out WHERE the next one might strike. . . that was when Fiji struck at 21:09 Sunday Night!!! NOW we will watch closely between early Monday Morning and first Mid-Day, WHICH Place will it be next??? Pretty good series of all 4.7, 4.8, and the biggest being 4.9, although that first Japan was a 5.2, Burma 4.4 and Honduras 4.2 and it actually looks like the list of names went around twice, but it will take more time to fully examine this event to figure out all that and be certain what is going on! Until then we will continue to watch "As The Pacific Tectonic Plate Turns!!!!!" AND I suppose you could say will California be in there somewhere shaking before it's over? 4.2? 4.6? 4.9????? Thank-You Again For Reading!!! EQ Guy

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