Friday, June 13, 2014

471 Felt Reports From Bountiful, Utah!!! 1232 From Salt Lake City!!! IN Full Moon Window, Too!!!!! WATCH For More!!!

Starting out todays EQ Blog with one really big update from yesterdays EQ Blog and that would be the fact that there are now as of this hour that I am writing this a grand total of 1,232 Felt Reports just from the folks in Salt Lake City, Utah ALONE on that 3.3 that struck there at that late hour of Wednesday night moments before yesterdays blog went to press but probably most important of all just 20 minutes after the exact moment that the Full Moon Window BEGAN!!! Not to mention the 471 Felt Reports from Bountiful, Utah, too!!! Here is that felt report just updated as of 10:25pm Pacific Time:

Now we should probably keep watching because I just looked outside and see the Full Moon is high overhead and it is one of those most rare occasions when it is almost directly overhead at the exact moment, too!!! The Exact Moment of the June 2014 Full Moon being June 13 at 4:14am, or late on the evening of June 12 at 11:14pm Central and 9:14pm Pacific or just moments ago as I am writing this and probably very near the exact time I was looking at it!

Might need to watch Texas and Oklahoma as well as our West Coast through the coming hours due to the chances of earthquakes being at least somewhat elevated through the coming hours. While it still does not seem quite as likely for New Madrid and Illinois to be affected by the full moon because there's no ocean there. . . I still have to note that those are two of the other places we are still watching and Iceland. Those are all in the 5 Richters range with like 5.5 being about all we are watching for there.

On Thursday I noticed Hurricane Cristina offshore at Mexico heading north directly for Clarion Island again, where Hurrinccane Amanda had just struck on May 27, 2014 and was followed by that 6.2 Richters earthquake between there and the mainland. Saying it could happen again only we really never know where that Major Earthquake's epicenter might be!!! Mexico City? California? Oklahoma? Texas? Might just happen yet during the June Full Moon, too!!! Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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