Saturday, June 14, 2014

L.A. Kings Win Stanley Cup!!!!! ALSO: This Weeks EQ Podcast!!!

Good news is the hockey match will not be going back to New York. . . as the announcers had started to suggest towards the end of regulation! The best news is it was a looooooong game, but the L.A. KINGS WON!!! Always great to see one of my fav teams carry the Stanley Cup all around the Staple Center!!! Great to see L.A. will have the cup for another year, too!

In the world of earthquakes, now, you can listen to my this weeks EQ Podcast with all the latest stuff from that 3.5 that struck up in Hesperia/Wrightwood and a link to the updated felt report will follow:
AND Here is that felt report at Earthquake Central:

There also just so happened to be a number of earthquakes that struck around Los Angeles at about the time of that big final game, but not any too big including a 1.8 Near Granada Hills, a 1.5 at San Fernando as well as others such as Aguagua, Anza, and one a couple miles from Incline Village with one actual felt report from Incline Village!

So, let us now continue watching as the Full Moon is high over head now and keep watching into Saturday and while the actual Full Moon Window will end very early on Saturday Morning, it is tough to say that will be the end of all the earthquake energy associated with this one due to knowing one or two have fell an hour or so outside the window and that has led me to use a rule of thumb that says if the bright light of the moon is still shining. . . then there is still a good amount of earthquake energy left, yet!!! For sure there is still something out there so let's continue to watch!!! Thank-You Again For Reading!!! Congratulations Los Angeles Kings!!! EQ Guy

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