Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tornado Now Rated EF-3 in Wisconsin, and EF-4 in Nebraska!!! WATCH For Earthquakes Now!!! UPDATE: 4.1 Oklahoma City!!!

As of early today I had two big trees knocked down and blocking the road in front of our house in Wisconsin and TV is calling it "Round Two" also heard Nebraska was hit again along with a 4.1 Richters Earthquake that struck 12 Miles Northeast of Oklahoma City and you can see the felt report followed by todays regular EQ Blog@ NOW Todays EQ Blog Starts Here:

It will be farther down the road when I have the time needed to try to calculate exactly where earthquakes might strike as a result of all this brand new now Major Earthquake Energy due to having to figure out what direction all the earthquakes might be heading and how long it might take for all of it to travel.

For now I always feel safest by saying to start watching immediately. Some of this earthquake energy could always make the West Coast in only a matter of hours after all of this action has started and every once in a while it only takes a day or two for a major earthquake to strike some of the shakiest places, too!

The totals on all of the damage from the Wisconsin and Nebraska tornadoes includes 350 Reports of storm damage with 150 homes damaged in Dane county and 12 to 20 homes substantially damaged in Platteville. Just outside of Madison, Wisconsin at Verona they are now reporting that tornado as an EF-3 with winds that must have been as high as 140mph!!! Just In: The Twin Nebraska Tornadoes were BOTH rated at EF-4!!! THIS will now lead to a fairly good shaker! Therefore start watching immediately for more earthquakes like as big as possibly 6.5 Richters for California and our West Coast and I will have more about all that later!

There was also that landfall at Socorro Island of Hurricane Cristina and something could happen around Mexico, still, along with an earlier landfall of Hurricane Amanda which was the reason we were watching Texas and Oklahoma in the first place. Keep watching all those places along with now the entire West Coast for that 6.5 Richters that will probably follow all the recent tornados!!! Thank-You for reading and be prepared!!! EQ Guy

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