Saturday, June 7, 2014

California Chrome To WIN!!!!! New Triple Crown Winner!!!??? ALSO New EQ Podcast!!!!!

It isn't very often one has to consider the chances of a horse winning the Triple Crown. . . but today just so happens to be one such day!!! Yes, there are other occasional days such as today when other horses have gone for it, but they are few and far between. Today it is the name of the game! WILL California Chrome be the next winner of the elusive Triple Crown??? Hasn't been a winner since the year I graduated from High School!!! Been that long:)))

CLICK Arrow to Play this EQ Podcast discussing correlation between the swarms at Mammoth Lakes and Yellowstone:

A 5.5 has just struck up at the furthest reaches of Alaska at Noatak right at press time. Well, maybe not the farthest reaches if you are familiar with the region and where all these northerly earthquakes have been striking, then you know it is still somewhat south of Barrow or North Pole, Alaska but still north of Nome and Fairbanks, so it's up there! There are also 4.9 Yemen and 4.5 Peru and there was an Easter Island Earthquake like yesterday, so there does still seem to be some movement of the Pacific, although all that can be left out there is residual tiny aftershocks of all the earthquake action that they had there prior to the expiration of those alerts.

The latest on those swarms also discussed in the EQ Podcast is that both Mammoth Lakes AND Haines, Alaska were both shaking as of noon my time on Friday, and so we are sort of still waiting to see what might happen next. In yesterdays EQ Blog I guessed maybe Frisco, or San Fernando, but in a more recent tweet I also noted that Reno got a small amount of shaking but did not particularly notice too much happening in that region just now checking prior to writing.

So, that is what I will be doing tomorrow is making a trip to one of my area OTB (Off Track Betting) places and probably betting something like "$2 Across" or $2 to Win, $2 to Place (Come in Second), and $2 to Show (Come in Third) on California Chrome!!! Possibly on maybe like one other one, too? Although probably NOT Pablo Von Whatever since I've lost far too much money up to this point thinking a horse named Pablo could ever win! AND. . . also thinking about throwing the inner-tube in either Mirror Lake, or Wisconsin River as well!!! Finally, what Sunny Saturday would not be perfect without having to be at work. . . at 8pm!!!!!

I must extend my Sincere Sympathy to one of my best readers who has suffered a terrible loss in her family such that it will be very difficult to overcome the pain of this loss. Very sorry that all the rest of us can do is offer prayers and condolences along with hope that this family might recover such a tragic loss. Very Sorry!!! EQ Guy

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