Thursday, June 19, 2014

Will Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Washington Get Repeat of 6.7 Richters From 1965????? BIG Earthquake Could Be Coming!!!!!

It was just an innocent moment as it always is when one of the local TV stations just so happens to mention that unusual siting of what they are calling "Twin Tornadoes" that by now everybody has seen. It was the fact that on this particular occasion early on Wednesday Morning they happened to also mention that the last time such a major event as that had happened was Palm Sunday in 1965 at Indiana! So, I immediately typed in just that information or something like that and came up with what is historically referred to as the "Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak" with an actual Wikipedia article by that name as well!

By far the most important reason this is now the headline for todays EQ Blog is not exactly the story about the Twin Tornadoes, though. That was indeed how I was led to this story, and there indeed were a pair of twin tornadoes that were just a small part of this huge tornado outbreak that happened on April 11,and 12, 1965. It kind of reminds me of my early days of tracking or trying to track this possible correlation because it was sort of still a possible correlation back in the early days of me doing research such as this, anyways I immediately go and see what Major Earthquakes that I would probably find following a lot of major tornadoes that all struck on April 11, and 12, 1965? Well. . . . . back in the grand old days of my research I would call this either finding a windstorm and looking for the earthquake that followed, or finding a Major Earthquake and looking for the major windstorm that preceeded it! There were a lot of surprises that I discovered in the renascence of my research such as I did early Wednesday, but this one right here that I am about to tell you about right now is more or less one of the better examples and will make you GASP!!!

Following the Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak of April 11, and 12, 1965 on April 29, 1965 or Day 17 or 18 after all those tornadoes. . . . . was the day of the very famous 6.7 Richters Earthquake that struck Olympia, Washington!!!!! Preceded by TWIN TORNADOES!!! You know what I'm saying? Most likely could not be a connection between twins forming and Olympia, Tacoma, Seattle shaking. . . but let us now think seriously about beginning to be watching up in that region for a resultant from ALL of the recent tornado and high wind events now including a huge pine tree that was strewn across the road in front of our house right here in Wisconsin early Wednesday morning and required me to work out front for over an hour with my electric chain-saw!!! In addition to all that there was also still another rather big Oklahoma City Earthquake and I notice the felt report is still posted at Earthquake Central and you might like to take a look at it NOW Updated here:

So, as I started watching now diligently for any sign that the next Major Seattle Earthquake might be happening very soon. . . wouldn't you just know there have now been TWO tiny ones within a mile or so of that exact downtown metroplex sort of region!!! Including a tiny shaker of 1.6 registering on the USGS website on Wednesday near their King County International Airport about 3 miles from downtown Seattle, and a 1.3 at University Place just 2 miles outside Tacoma!!! Might not seem like much to the average reader, BUT very, very unusual to the folks who check out those daily lists about every day or so and I personally have never had that close-up of a look at either of those towns on the Google Maps that I can ever remember!!! At least so close that I have now added Mercer Island to my list of things to check out later even noticing I-90 crosses Mercer Island before arriving in Seattle! Also discovered as a few of you might have already known. . . that Seattle is situated on an Isthmus???! Now, you can add to that they could be in line for their next possibly now upcoming 6.7 Richters Major Earthquake!!!

Lots of big windstorms and tornadoes have been striking the Mid-West with more reports coming in as the hours progress. . . with Chicago and Detroit getting the brunt of it as this EQ Blog was going to press early Wednesday!!! How much they are going to get I will have an update on if it turns out too bad! In all cases we will now have plenty of HUGE Earthquakes heading for us and expect a new Official Prediction for Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia and our West Coast! Until then be watching!!! And Be Prepared!!! EQ Guy

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