Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tornado Reportedly Struck at University of Wisconsin--Platteville!!! MORE Damage Around Madison, Wis., Too!!!!!

As of early Tuesday, my local community has been hit by a series of tornadoes that struck around Southern Wisconsin late on Monday Night! The earliest reports came from a guys Twitter saying he thought he heard "Cars in a Cornfield" near Verona just to the west of Madison. The last reports before TV went back to regular programs as it all passed said the neighborhood around one of the major shopping malls on the west side was struck near Hilldale. Here is an updated local news story @ http://host.madison.com/wsj/news/local/apparent-tornado-damages-at-least-homes-in-southwest-side-madison/article_29740898-90f9-59ef-af0d-4ee3fb11f67c.html . . . . . I also have to go to work up there later on Tuesday and will be situated at the heart of the info! Also noticed as news reported their own TV Broadcast Signal had gone off. . . so as soon as I was able ran out to garage and turned on my car radio, always already on 89.9 of course, and found signal buzzzzzzing with no program playing:((((( Next, I went to website and checked to see if, and found they continue to be broadcasting on the website:))) You might have guessed topic=Station crowded with engineers working to get back on the air:)))

Earlier on Monday there was an incident of two tornadoes crossing Nebraska at the same time, next to each other and in the same photographs!!! "Stove Pipe" Tornado (s) they were calling them and there was late Monday night extensive damage in one particular little town that I will have more about in an update either later Tuesday or certainly Wednesday. This will undoubtedly mean more earthquakes and some of you might even be aware that it could be immediately for a lot of the folks in the shakiest places!

One more chance to check out this weeks EQ V-Log and you might especially like to know there is some good Vid from this years Chicago Blues Festival along with the usual alert stuff! CLICK Arrow to Watch:

Watch for some immediate shaking as the result of a lot of tornadoes that just struck late on Monday night and continue to watch along the shore of the Pacific for about 7 Richters from that landfall a few days ago!!! EQ Guy

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