Friday, June 6, 2014

Is San Fernando or San Francisco Bay NEXT Inline For That Swarm?????

You might recall yesterdays EQ Blog when I wrote all about my discovery that the Mammoth Lakes Swarm was apparently connected to the Yellowstone Swarm, well today I just might wish to add to that! The fact that in the hours after I wrote that blog, not to mention the very nice compliment I also received, after writing that there was a whole lot of new shaking at or near Haines Junction, Alaska! As of this writing I have not gone all through the felt reports, but here is the list as of early Thursday: LOOKS like whatever was going on between Mammoth Lakes and Yellowstone. . . is probably also connected to the far reaches of Alaska up there like a hundred miles north of Juneau! This due to the fact that pretty much ALL of whatever was going on at both Mammoth Lakes and Yellowstone does seem to have now migrated to Alaska!!! You can also see all of what I wrote yesterday plus one very nice comment written on the subject by one of my own personal favorite, and all time best readers!!! CLICK Here for that blog and the Nice Comment at bottom:

NOW, as far as what all that earthquake energy is or where it might have come from, I did some additional checking in order to give you all a full report here and now with all the answers to that question! First off, any thought of any connection at all to the two biggest alerts that have been effective recently can now be forgotten! Especially since it is looking like Alaska might be affected, I have to announce the Alaska alert, as well at Tijuana and San Fernando Valley should all be considered to be expired as of June 1, 2014 with the dates of expiration written on the paper copies in front of me being May 22, and June 1, 2014 respectively. No, that certainly won't always mean the end of all the shaking, but it virtually always does. In this case we are still looking at a lot of shaking that might be related to the Beaufort County Tornado, Mayflower Missouri Tornado, Hurricane Amanda at Clarion Island, or Tropical Storm Boris at Mexico. My guess would be the EF-2 Tornado that I have penciled in there in between all of that, but Boris could have something to do with all of it just as easily. Until we have a real accurate method of "Fingerprinting" each of these huge windstorms individually, we may never be able to accurately say this ground shaking is from that windstorm. . . or this ground shaking is from some other windstorm. We'd need an exact "Voice-Recognition" program to detect the slightest differences from one to the other and then we could go from there. For now you might like to just take my word for it.

My final thought on the subject today is the fact that as the Haines Junction, Alaska swarm wound down, and the jury might still be out on whether it was a swarm or a 4.9 and 5.2 with a lot of aftershocks? Anyways, in the minutes immediately following the winding down of all the aftershocks or the swarm, there were two notable shakers at San Fernando and San Francisco Bay of 2.0 and 1.9 respectively. Sooooooooo, if my theory does hold true, Tammy, is this series of swarms going to next strike at San Fernando Valley? San Francisco??? If it does be sure and mention you heard it here FIRST!!! And Thank-You Again for Reading my EQ Blog!!!!! EQ Guy

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