Tuesday, June 10, 2014

PLEDGE Drive Tuesday!!! CALL-IN!!! Donate!!! At WORT.FM.org AND "As The Pacific Turns" Continued!!!

There is also one story about my latest correlation, but first this word about Summer Fun Pledge Drive!!!

Last week on Tuesday from 5 to 7pm Central Time was my first ever chance to "Pledge Rap" or be one of those Radio Announcers like the ones you see all the time on Public Television. Thought I was doing Great! Money would just come flowing in at about the rate they had projected up on the wall at the entrance to the studio. Yes, we'd very easily make $250 in the first hour and a half as it said! Took a while to sink in that we had only one call from one guy who donated a nominal amount, just enough to put us on the board.

Now, mind you, this is a break during the daily afternoon broadcast of BBC News and probably not the biggest generator of funds. Tuesday of this week or TODAY, as you are reading this, I will be on AGAIN and this time it occurred to me to ask random people such as you, my EQ Blog readers, to listen between 5 and 7pm Central or 3 to 5pm Pacific at http://www.wortfm.org where you can click "Listen Live". . . THEN after you establish that it is ME, you can please feel free to call and pledge any amount! For a $50 donation there are shirts and hats and you may ask the phone answer person about all of that, you can also click on that link and simply click "Donate" and pledge online, too! It will also allow you to get a premium for your pledge if you wish.

Finally you can simply call us Toll-Free at 866-899-9678 during those hours and feel free to donate! It is most important that your call or pledge come in during the time when I am on if you wish for it to count towards the show on which I am working! Thank-You for your pledge to WORT-FM, too!!! They very generously sponsor my EQ Radio Show on their Access Hour and my next show will be at 7pm CDT on July 7, 2014!!!

So Listen to me Pledge Rapping during the BBC News from 5 to 7pm Central Time and PLEASE Call-In and PLEDGE!!! Call and pledge during those hours and it will COUNT towards MY SHOW!!! Need like a total of $250 so ten dollars will help! And Thank-You!!!

NOW, onto some earthquake business, here! Thought I would check back to see how my correlation with those swarms at Mammoth Lakes, Yellowstone, and Haines Junction Alaska were going. . . and was simply delighted to find one particular instance of note on June 7 where ALL THREE of those towns reported tiny shakers all within one hour! That's Yellowstone 11:30, Haines Junction Alaska 12:20, and Mammoth Lakes 12:38, as well as one other notable point on June 7 where Yellowstone shook at 06:57, and Mammoth Lakes at 06:59! Finally I also notice the entire movement of the Pacific Tectonic Plate as reported in yesterdays EQ Blog virtually STARTED right at that point where all those coincidences happened!!! NEXT, came Burma, Honduras, Vanuatu, Philippines, and then Japan at 4.4, 4.2, 4.8, 4.7, and 5.2!!!

So, did all of that North American Swarm action set the Pacific Plate turning, again? Who will shake at around 4.9 or 5 Richters NEXT??? Tune in tomorrow for the next exciting installment of "As The Pacific Turns"!!! AND Please call-in and Pledge on my BBC Show Tuesday afternoon!!! Thank-You!!! EQ Guy

Last Chance: This Weeks EQ V-Log can be viewed at my "EQ You-Tube" @ youtu.be/IY-A_Y10j28

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