Thursday, June 25, 2015

5.8 Richters Strikes at Willow, Alaska and 50 Miles West of Anchorage!!! The Work of Hurricane Blanca!!! WATCH California-Kathmandu!!!!!

As some of you may recall I discussed this very epicenter just days ago!!! I can't hardly believe it myself that I clicked on the latest earthquakes just now in preparation for writing this EQ Blog and spotted "Willow, Alaska"!!! Thought I was looking at something completely different and then noticed where the big red dot was prominently located on the map of Alaska there! THAT Had to have been the same Willow, Alaska as I had just been talking about only days ago, in fact I've checked the date and it was June 20!!! I will run the link to that one after you first get a chance to see this new one and the huge felt report that will be growing as night turns to day and I will update it by mid-day Thursday, here's the link to Wednesdays 5.8 at Earthquake Central:

You can just see the whole EQ Blog entry from it looks like Monday of this week, where you may recall I have talked about the places where they got Major Earthquakes following the landfall of similar Hurricane Odile late last year at Baja California and Willow, Alaska was one of the bigger ones there at a 6.2 Richters! Here is the link to that entire whole EQ Blog entry from Monday: THE link to the felt report from the 6.2 is in the second paragraph and they almost look like the same earthquake as we now appaarently watch along virtually the SAME line now in 2015!!!

There was also a 5.4 China Earthquake that looked very much like a Nepal or Kathmandu Earthquake until I zoomed-in on the location to find it is just north of Nepal and probably far enough that it did not affect the Nepal people and possibly out away from more largely populated areas there. Also a 5.1 at Panama and all of these are directly in line with all of the Major Earthquake Energy that we know is traveling the globe! Does mean it is more or less a sure thing there will be some Major Shaking in California to come and possibly that big Kathmandu aftershock, too!!! EQ Guy

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